Why The Printer Doesn’t Print Pdf Files

Why does the device not print PDF files in WINDOWS

The problems identified above are general rather than PDF-specific. But the reason why the device does not print PDF files in WINDOWS 10 may be completely different.

The document should print. A slightly different problem also arises: insufficient memory. To do this, just check the amount of free space.

Printer malfunction

When the Canon printer does NOT print PDF files, the reason may be a system failure of the equipment itself.


  • Press the power button to turn off the equipment;
  • Wait 20 seconds
  • Connect the device;
  • Will try to print the document again.

Usually the result of overloading the printer is effective. the document prints.

Carefully check whether the printer has enough refills. Regular DOCs can be printed because they require less ink. Whereas PDFs often contain images, due to which there is not enough paint, so the contents of the document are barely visible.

Lack of fonts

The reason why the printer barely prints a PDF file may be that the system does not have the fonts used in the document itself. In this case, the solution is to try to print the document as an image.

In addition, you should check the next item in the “Print” window: the checkbox next to the “print to file” function. She must be absent. Compare with photo.

Other device

Sometimes it so happens that the contents of the document are sent to print from foreign media, for example, from an external removable disk or flash card.

printer, doesn, print, files

Printing to a different printer

The solution is simple: copy the file and try again.

The problem may be related to the computer itself, the so-called “hardware”. To diagnose this problem, try printing the document on a different computer. Only a system administrator or manufacturer can solve this problem.

These problems are the most common because PDF is more difficult to create and print. It is not always necessary to solve problems on your own, some of them cannot be solved in this way at all, therefore, for a detailed diagnosis of the printer, you need to contact a specialist.

Print PDF files

There are many ways to print a PDF file. You can directly send a PDF document for printing without even opening it and without viewing it in any program, but as a result, you risk getting a completely different kind of paper document that you would like. Adobe Reader allows you to fine-tune the printing of PDF files and get printed documents of the desired quality and size.
PDF print
How to print PDF across multiple emails
How to print multiple PDF pages on one
How to print PDF as a book
How to print selection in PDF
The product does not print PDF files

PDF print

Printing PDF documents with Adobe Acrobat Reader is the most common way to print this type of file. In the simplest case, this requires just a few steps.

  • Open your document. In the main menu of the program, select “File” and click “Print”.
  • In the window that appears, select the printer, scale, paper orientation, specify the number of printed pages and other parameters. Click the “Print” button.

Sometimes problems arise when printing a file PDF. There may be several reasons, but first of all, you should pay attention to the protection of the file. Perhaps the owner of the document protected it from printing and other manipulations with the document. In this case, it will be impossible to print the document without knowing the password.

How to print PDF across multiple emails

Printing PDF on multiple letters can come in handy, for example, if you want to print an A1 drawing, but only a standard A4 printer is available. Or, for example, when you have a map of the area in PDF format and you need to enlarge it and print it on A4 sheets, which will then be glued.
You can split the PDF file into multiple sheets using the “Poster” button in the print settings.
The figure shows that the document will be divided into 8 parts when printed. If you select the “Cut marks” option, the printed sheets will be marked in the places where they should be glued.

How to print multiple PDF pages on one

Printing multiple PDF pages on one page can be used to save paper or create -sized PDFs. To do this, open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader and select Print from the File menu. In the print settings, click on the “Several” button.
As a result of THESE actions in the “Print” window, additional options will appear that determine the parameters of the pages located on one sheet.

  • “Pages per sheet”. This option determines the number of pages that will be printed on one sheet of paper. Their number can be set manually or selected from the proposed.
  • Page Order. With this option, you can specify the order in which the pages are placed on the sheet. They can be located one behind the other horizontally or one after another vertically. The program allows you to place them in reverse order. The result of THESE manipulations can be seen immediately in the preview window on the right side of the print window.
  • “Print print frame”. When this option is selected, each page on the sheet will be framed.
  • Print on Both Sides of the Paper defines the duplex settings for the document. This option is often used to save paper.

To print the document with the selected parameters, click the “Print” button.

How to print PDF as a book

The latest versions of Adobe Reader have the convenient ability to print PDF files as a book. Previously, for this purpose, you had to use special plugins or programs. In order to print PDF in the form of a book, select the “Print” option and in the print settings window, click the “Brochure” button.
Under the buttons for setting the size and processing of pages, options will appear for setting the print parameters of the book.

  • “Brochure Range”. This section determines which side of the sheet of paper will be printed on. If you have a printer with two-sided printing, just select the “Both Sides” option. If the printer only prints on one side of the page, select Front Side Only and print only the front sides of the pages. Then you need to turn the printed pages over, place them in the printer, in the print settings, click the “Booklet” button again and in the “Booklet range” section, select the “Back side only” item.
  • “Sheets with”. Here Adobe Reader automatically determines the number of the first and last sheet of the book.
  • “Spine”. If the text will be read from left to right, the spine of the book should be located on the left.

How to print selection in PDF

What if you need to print not the entire PDF sheet, but only part of it? For example, this may be required when you need to print not the entire drawing, but only part of it in an enlarged form. It’s easy to do with a few additional options in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • Open the document.
  • Zoom in on the document so that only the part of the document that you want to print remains on the screen.

Click the “Print” button and enter the print options. Select the “Advanced Options” section and check the “Current View” option. Please note that not the entire document will now be visible in the preview window, but only the required fragment of it.

  • Click the “Size” button and check the “fit” option.
  • Click the “Print” button.

The product does not print PDF files

As practice shows, problems with printing PDF files are not so rare. This is often due to printer settings. In the second case, the PDF file can be protected from printing by the author of this document. To check this, open the file in Adobe Acrobat, go to the “Editing” section, select “Protection” and go to “Protection Options”.
In the window that opens, Make sure the document is allowed to print.
If printing is prohibited, it will be impossible to print the document without knowing the password.
Another problem with printing PDF files is that the printed document contains incorrect characters. The reason for this is that the program cannot recognize the fonts used in the document, or some elements of the PDF file are damaged. In order to print such a document, you should send it to print as an image. It is done like this.

  • Open the document in Adobe Acrobat, click the “Print” button and go to print options.
  • Click the “Advanced” button.
  • In the window that appears, select the “Print as image” option and click “OK”.
  • Click the “Print” button.
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Sometimes the problem with printing PDF files is solved by saving the file under a different name. It is recommended to keep the file name as simple as possible, and not contain special characters, spaces, capital letters, etc.

How to print a PDF file

Google Chrome print icon

To print a PDF file, we need: a computer, a printer, a browser (preferably Google Chrome, Yandex browser or Opera) and the document itself.

In this article I will show using the example of the Google Chrome browser. For Yandex browser and Opera, everything is the same. In second browsers, this process is not as convenient as there is a preview. How to install Google Chrome can be read and viewed in this article.

  • Open the PDF document in a browser. To do this, right-click on the file, from the context menu that opens, select Open with. Google Chrome.
  • Move the mouse down and to the right. In the control panel that appears, select the Print icon. You can open the Google Chrome menu and select Print or press CTRLP. That is, we print like a regular page from the Internet.

Set the settings, click Print and check the result.

What to do if the PDF file does not print

There are 3 suspects here: a computer, a printer, and a PDF file. If your computer is connected via USB, you need to check the USB cable (connect to another connector). It is ideal to connect your printer with a second cord. It is also good to print a test page. If printing is in progress, then most likely the problem is in the PDF file or in the browser (perhaps you had viruses that could damage the browser files and now it refuses to print). If the test page does NOT print, please see this article.

Problems with the PDF document are solved by downloading the file again. Perhaps, at the time of downloading, the connection was disconnected and something did not load correctly.

If the test page is Printing, but the PDF does not work, I would try converting the PDF to separate images and printing them. This can be done using the online service http://smallpdf.com/ru/pdf-to-jpg.

How to print secure PDF documents

To be honest, I have never come across such people, so a 100% answer is difficult. There are several online services:

With their help, you can convert a protected PDF document into a regular one and print.

You can also try to parse the protected document into pictures and print them.

useful and interesting articles:

Enjoy printing.

How to set up PDF printing automation

The PDF format, developed by Adobe, has become the standard for various companies around the world due to its versatility and ability to preserve all elements of a document without distortion when converted or sent over the Internet. Therefore, PDF printing is one of the most requested Print Conductor features among our users.

Advanced settings for printing PDF files

When printing documents in PDF format, there is usually no need to change any settings, and the program will automatically print copies of your document in accordance with the paper size. However, in some cases, you need to print certain pages of the document, and not print out the annotations to the document, set the sorting of copies by page or subdocument, or print password-protected PDF files.

Click the “Settings” button on the main program panel. Here you can select the printer tray, the range of pages to be printed (values ​​are entered separated by commas and without spaces, for example, 1,2,5,6-15), cover printing that separates the copies, and the paper source for service pages. In the “Advanced” tab, you can configure the printing of annotations to PDF files and open the “Edit ini file”.

You can launch the ini file editor in a different way. Using the key combination Ctrl Alt i. Let’s consider some of the values ​​that can be changed in it, and what they affect.

Disable annotations when printing PDF documents

Inside this editor, as in the advanced settings, you can disable the printing of annotations for PDF, set the Pdf_PrintAnnotations value to 0 (Pdf_PrintAnnotations = 0).

Show PDF Document Pages

You can also turn on the display of the number of pages of your documents. To do this, find the SrcPageCount value and set its value to 1 restart Print Conductor, and now the document list will display a column with the number of pages for all newly added documents.

Print password protected PDF documents

To bulk print password-protected PDF files, add the term SrcPwd = “password value” at the end of the General section (before the App line). Instead of “password value” write the password from the document.

Speed ​​up PDF printing

If you need to speed up PDF printing, you can do so using the publicly available Adobe Acrobat API. Add the term SetExt_1 = “pdf”, “acrobat”, “int” at the end of the General section. Restart the program and print your files. The print speed will become faster. For this feature to work, your PC must have Adobe Acrobat Professional or Standard installed and activated so that Print Conductor can use the Adobe Acrobat API when printing.

2printer. A tool to automate printing PDFs through a command line interface

The 2Printer utility is similar to Print Conductor in its functions, but its operations are specified in the command line interface. 2printer is mainly used by IT specialists and software developers when creating scripts for automating workflow or for embedding self-created applications in the code as a component for printing documents or images.

2printer has an INI file with the same variable value lines as in Print Conductor. To open it, install the program, run Command Timeline and enter:

Basic meanings for 2Printer INI file and Print Conductor

Pict_mode determines the scaling of the page on the sheet of paper. By default, this value is set to 0, and the program sets the optimal page size (“best fit” mode). Change this value to 1, and then the page will be enlarged or reduced strictly to fit the sheet size (“fit to page” mode). Set the value to 2, and the pages will be printed in their original size “as is” (“print as is” mode) Use this function, for example, to print small business cards or brochures.

Pict_autorotate defines page auto-rotation. By default, this value is set to 1, and the program automatically unfolds the pages of the letter paper in the best possible way. Change this value to 0 to disable this feature.

Pdf_printannotations defines the printing of annotations to a PDF document. By default, the value is set to 1, and the program prints document annotations, if any. Change this value to 0 to disable this feature.

Printpagecount determines whether the pages of the printed document will be numbered or not. By default, the value is set to 0, and the program does NOT page numbers itself. Change this value to 1 to enable pagination.

Dpirasterization determines the resolution of the output document and affects the quality of the printed vector images after rasterization. The default is set to 300 dpi. Change this value to an arbitrary value in the range 300-1200 (for example, DpiRasterization = 600).

Duplex defines the duplex printing mode. By default, the value is set to 0, and the program only prints on one side of the sheet. Possible values:
-1.The mode of duplex or simplex printing is set by the settings of the printer on which you are printing;
1.Simple printing mode is set;
2. The mode is set to vertical duplex printing;
3.Has been set to horizontal duplex printing.

Printasimage determines whether PDFs are converted to images before printing or not. By default, the value is set to 0, and the program will NOT convert the file to a picture before printing. Change this value to 1 to enable this feature. Enabling this feature helps when printing “problematic” PDFs.

Uniquelist determines the uniqueness of the files added to the list of print documents. By default, the value is set to 1, and the program only adds files with unique names to the print list (to avoid duplication). Change this value to 0 to add the same files to the list and print them multiple times.

Excel_worksheetsrange defines the range of printable sheets in the Excel spreadsheet (XLS or XLSX). By default, the value is set to all, and the program prints all sheets (except blank ones). Change this value to default so that the program prints the last valid letter (only the one that was opened when the table was saved).

There are quite a few other mutable values ​​in the INI editor. Please write to us and we will help you customize the program exactly for your tasks.

How to remove print protection from a pdf document?

Hello! Today I want to share with you an instruction on how to remove print protection from a pdf file (this is the case when the print menu is inactive when opening a PDF document, if this is the case for you, then read my article!)

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As in previous articles, such an industry giant as Google helps us bypass any restrictions (by the way, read how you can go to any site if it is blocked by the system administrator or your provider, again Using Google))).)

The only nuance of this method is that we can only print it, and not remove the protection itself (but I think if you are reading my blog as a system administrator, then the result is important to you)

In order to print a pdf with print protection, you need to do the following:

  • Go to Google Docs. https://drive.Google.com/drive/my-drive (I think you have a Google account, because all android phones are now linked to this mail)
  • Click Create and select the upload file menu and select our secure pdf document and upload it to Google Drive
  • After that, this document will be displayed as a thumbnail on the page and you need to open it (double-click)
  • Then click on the printer icon
  • Now we see that we have an active panel for printing and selecting printers)))) enjoy life and like my article)))

Thanks to Google for the fact that complex things can now be done very quickly and most importantly legally)))) In this article, you learned how to remove the protection from printing from a pdf file. If you know other Options how you can bypass pdf printing is prohibited, then write in the comments, I will supplement the article.

Well, as usual, my video in which you will also see how to remove protection from printing on a pdf document:

How to print a PDF file to a printer

PDF is one of the most widely used formats today. Files with this extension are well protected in terms of information integrity, but sometimes some difficulties may arise when printing them. The article will tell you about the features of this format.

Features of a PDF file

Portable Document Format is a cross-platform open format for documents in electronic form. It was developed by Adobe Systems with the aim of creating a universal file, which will make it possible to display a document on different devices identical to the original.

Mainly used for office needs as storing text or graphic information. The PDF file allows you to preserve and convey the originality of letterhead. In addition to text documents, it supports video clips and sound signals. With its multifunctionality, files take up a minimum of physical memory.

For pdf files, it is possible to configure security. The most common and available settings are: a prohibition on transferring to paper, as well as a prohibition on document editing and the use of an electronic signature. But to use additional functionality, as a rule, it is necessary to use an editor, which is almost always paid.

PDF files are very difficult to edit text documents. The text is perceived as an image. This provides an opportunity to transfer your developed developments to third parties. Which are easy to demonstrate, but difficult to edit, making it difficult to steal intellectual property. And to view it, it is enough to install the free PDF reader on the device.

How to print through the program

In order to print a PDF file, you need to install software that allows you to open files. Then double-click to open the document, and select “Print” in the “File” menu.

If the document does not open with a double click, you should:

  • Open the program for PDF, select from the menu “Open” and specify the location.
  • In the “Select Programs” dialog box, set the program to open PDF as the default program.

After selecting the “Print” command, a dialog box with print settings will appear. The “Printer” column should indicate the device for printing. Below is the number of planned copies when printing.

Also in the settings it is possible to print the entire document, specific pages or a range of pages. To do this, in the “Pages for printing” section, put a marker over the corresponding task.

In the “Properties” item, additional settings are made, such as setting black and white or color printing. For duplex printing, select the Corresponding item on the “View” tab. It is recommended to first open the document for preview. It is this function that allows you to eliminate reprints to eliminate imperfections.

Printer does not work with PDF. what to do?

Many people meet with such a misfortune when the printer prints text files perfectly, but PDF is available. The first thing to do is check the connection of the printing device, then you should check the presence of ink and paper in the device.

Try printing a second size document. If the same problem occurs when printing the second elements, you need to update or reinstall the driver on the printer.

Basically, a printing error occurs in the following cases:

  • Does NOT print individual PDF files;
  • DOES NOT print all documents with pdf extension.

Doesn‘t work with standalone PDFs. In this case, the printer for separate files, when printing, gives messages with various errors. This is most likely related directly to the selected document, and not to the software or printing device.

Most likely, the document was damaged at the time of downloading or an error was made while saving. To solve this problem, you need to re-download the file, or contact the owner of the original version of the file and re-save it in PDF format.

Does NOT print all documents with pdf extension. If the printer prints all kinds of document, and the problem only occurs when printing PDF, then this is most likely software-related. To troubleshoot the problem, reinstall the program to read or edit files. Then you need to restart the computer, open the document in the installed program and send it to print.

In many cases, the error in printing documents is the incorrect installation of the software. Also, problems can arise when using pirated or hacked versions of programs. Therefore, it is recommended to update or reinstall the software in case of frequent pop-up errors.

Why PDF does not open

The reason for the refusal to work with the document may be the lack of the necessary software. If the installation of the program did not help, and the files still DO NOT open. Probably the cause of the problem is to save the original item during which the error occurred. Also, when downloading files from the Internet, a connection failure may occur, which leads to errors when opening.

For archived documents, the most common problem occurs due to improper unpacking, or Incorrect archiving.

What programs are there for PDF

The most optimal and proven program is Adobe Acrobat. There are versions for both reading and editing PDFs. Also one of the leading places among pdf software is SODAPDF. In addition to the standard set for opening text documents, it has 3D reading technology. When installing the program, there is a trial license that will allow you to fully use for some time for free.

PDF-XChange Viewer the advantage of the program lies in a free license, support for the Russian language and the presence of great functionality. Convenient and simple navigation that allows you to view, print and edit documents.

STDU Viewer can be classified as a universal program that additionally allows you to open files with the extension BPM, JPEG, GIF, PNG, DCX, DjVu, etc. There is the ability to edit text, and there is also a function to add bookmarks. Has a free license.

Famous and widespread reading programs include: HamsterPDF Reader, MovaviPDF Editor, Foxit Reader, FreePDF Reader, etc.

PDF editors for professional purposes include the following programs: ABBYYPDF Transformer, WondersharePDF Editor, NitroPDF Reader Foxit AdvancedPDF Editor, etc.

Why won’t the product print PDF files

Printers support a wide variety of file formats including image formats such as JPEG, etc. However, some users have reported that their printer will NOT print JPEG files anymore.

This is a common problem that can arise for many reasons, including an incorrect print interface. This problem only occurs when the user tries to print a jpg or jpeg file.

Why is my device not printing JPEG? 1. Printing from Paint

  • Open File Explorer and navigate to the folder where the photo you want to print is saved.
  • Right click on the photo and select “Open With”.
  • In the list of applications, select the MS Paint application.
  • In Paint, click File and select Print.
  • Check your print settings and click the Print button.
  • The printer should now print the JPEG file without any problem.
  • As you may have noticed, this is NOT a solution, but a workaround. However, if you need to grab a copy urgently, or only grab a couple of copies, this will work until you find a permanent solution.
  • We’ve written extensively about Windows 10 printing problems. Check out these guides for more information.

    Reset printer

    • Turn on the printer if it is off.
    • Wait until the device is in standby mode before proceeding.
    • When turning on the printer Turn off the power supply and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet and from the printer.
    • After a few minutes, plug the power cord back in.
    • Connect the power cord to the printer.
    • Turn on the printer and wait until the warm-up period ends.
    • Now check for any improvements.

    If the problem persists, do the following:

    • Press Windows Key R to open Run.
    • Type control and click OK to open the control panel.
    • Go to Programs Programs and Features.
    • Select your HP printer and click Uninstall.
    • Follow the next set of steps.
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    Remove printer from Windows

    • Enter printers in the search bar and click Printers & Scanners.
    • In the “Printers & Scanner” section, click “Printer” and select “Remove Device”.
  • When asked to confirm, click Yes.
  • Close the printer and scanner window.
  • Press Windows Key R to open Run.
  • Enter printui.Exe / s and click OK to open Print Server Properties.
  • Click on the Drivers tab.
  • Find the problem printer and click the “Remove” button. Click Yes if asked to confirm. Close the properties window.
  • Reboot your computer. After that, you need to visit the official website of your printer, download the latest printer software and install it. Check for any improvements.
  • Solve problems with printing PDF files

    A wide variety of projects are stored in PDF format, for example, text presentations, brochures, postcards, books. From time to time, every printer owner is faced with the need to print just this type of file, but this procedure is not always successful. As part of today’s article, we would like to talk about the possible causes of problems with sending PDF files to print, as well as PROVIDE methods for solving them.

    Solving problems with printing PDF files

    Usually, printing of documents of any type is successful, but no one is immune from system failures or receiving damaged files. In fact, all solutions to malfunctions are quite simple, the most difficult operation is the search for an irritant. Therefore, we advise you to familiarize yourself with all the methods below, and only then, based on the available information, start fixing the problem.

    Checking Printer Operation

    The first step is to check the overall performance of the printer, making sure that it is printing second-size documents. You can take any text file or start printing a test page through the settings of the device itself. Read more about this in our separate material at the following link.

    If no documents go to print, first of all, you should check the cable, through which peripherals are connected. It should fit snugly into the connector and be free of visible physical damage, such as severe bends or scratches. In addition, make sure the printer is properly connected to the computer.

    Sometimes the device is normally detected by the operating system, but does NOT print under any circumstances. This is due to the lack of appropriate drivers. If you have NOT downloaded any files yourself, you will need to do this using any convenient method. For detailed tutorials on this topic, see the article below.

    Restart printing

    Sometimes printing problems are related to system or software failures that further prevent normal printing from occurring. In addition, you need to make sure that the file itself is correct, because it may contain errors or NOT download completely. First, clear the print queue and restart the device.

    Then try sending the selected document to print again. If the same error occurs, repeat the action with a different file. If everything went well, re-download the desired PDF file, re-save it to another location on your computer, or ask the sender to resend it. Such actions will help to avoid various errors in the PDF program code itself.

    Printing a file as an image

    In well-known programs for working with PDF, for example, in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, there is a function of sending a project to print as an image. Sometimes this option is effective due to the changed data transfer algorithm. This function is activated in just a few clicks:

      Run the existing program and open the required file.

    Through the pop-up menu “File” go to the section “Print”.

    Here, open additional parameters by clicking on the corresponding button.

    Check the box next to “Print as image”.

    It remains only to select the active printer and start printing.

    Wait until the end of processing, it takes some time, suspension from the power of the computer and the number of sheets.

    In different programs, the procedure for enabling the considered function may differ slightly, however, in almost all popular applications it is definitely available, the user only needs to find it. In addition, we advise you to try using different programs, since often problems arise precisely in the owners of Adobe Acrobat, and at the same time, printing in Foxit Reader is successful even without setting the print mode as an image.

    Built-in troubleshooter

    The Windows operating system has built-in diagnostics and troubleshooting tools. It allows you to analyze the behavior of various applications and built-in tools, as well as the functioning of the printer. The problem you encountered with printing PDFs may have been caused by a service failure or some system setting. Then the standard solution will quickly fix the situation.

      Open “Start” and go to “Control Panel”.

    There you will need to find the category “Troubleshooting”.

    In the “Hardware and Sound” section, click on the link “Using your printer”.

    When the troubleshooting wizard is displayed Click Next.

    Mark with a marker the printer with which you are having problems, and then move on.

    Wait for the analysis to complete. It is better not to perform any second actions during this operation.

    When finished, information will be displayed with the scan results, the problems found Must be fixed.

    If the screen displays additional information, please read it carefully and follow the instructions to complete the troubleshooting yourself.

    Convert PDF to DOCX or TXT

    If none of the above methods helped, it remains only to try to convert the file into text format, but only if the printer is fully operational. Of course, this is recommended when the original document is mostly text and has few images. The conversion procedure is carried out through special programs or online services. All instructions on this topic can be found in the articles below.

    Above, you were familiar with all the available methods for fixing the problem considered. If each of them is ineffective, it is recommended to connect the printer to a second computer and check the printing there. Probably, the error lies in the installed operating system, but one should not exclude the breakdown of the printer control board, which is solved only in the service center.

    What to do if the printer began to print pdf in hieroglyphs

    Often, users of printing office equipment, printers in particular, face the following problem: when printing a PDF (PDF) file, hieroglyphs appear on a sheet of paper instead of Russian letters. Inexperienced and poorly understood users of printers will certainly go straight to the nearest service center. But to solve this problem, you do not have to be a pro. the main thing is to carefully and painstakingly read all the Possible ways that will help to help in this situation.

    The ways

    So, if the printer prints hieroglyphs, then first of all, turn off both office equipment and the PC itself. Wait a couple of minutes, then turn both devices back on. Perhaps such a simple action will help solve the problem that has arisen by clearing the memory of the printing device and personal computer.

    If the previous methods did not help and the printer still prints gibberish, then perhaps the cause of such a problem is a glitch in the program itself. Try downloading other programs to open PDF documents, for example, Foxit Reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, and others. Open any of THESE programs the file you are interested in and send it to print. If the printer prints it normally, then you should reinstall the program bit or use the one that has already been downloaded (if it turns out to be convenient for you).
    If the printer still prints PDF hieroglyphs, then open the registry editor, entered the following value in “Run”: regedit.Exe.

    For all changes made to take effect, be sure to restart your personal computer.

    But if none of the described methods helped and the hieroglyphs are still printed, then find the Russian version of Adobe Reader in the Internet space and download it. Then install this program. Thus, the above task as a whole should be solved.

    Another way, which can be the answer to the question of why pdf prints hieroglyphs, is to print the document as an image. A similar feature is available in both Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader, and many other similar software applications. When printing, you should go to the “Advanced” item and select “print as image” there. But Note that this method is NOT a solution to the problem, because it does NOT change anything dramatically. Thanks to it, you can only bypass the problem, but NOT in any way to fix it.

    For the final solution to the problem, check your PC for viruses using a reliable and effective anti-virus program. It would also be nice to restore system files. If you have Windows 7, then open “START” and entered “cmd” click on the Found item by right-clicking on it. Next select “Run as administrator” and issue the following command: sfc / scannow. It should be said that this command will help to scan all protected system files and, if necessary, replace what was damaged. After that, the documents should be printed without gibberish. Also, as an additional step, uninstall old drivers and install new ones, if possible the latest version.

    NNCXV.INFO 2021