Win 10 can’t see Canon printer

Canon i-SENSYS MF4410 won’t scan, how to fix the problem

The Canon i-SENSYS MF4410 MFP combines a printer and a scanner. It is very convenient for use both in offices and at home. However, often Windows 10 users are faced with the fact that the printer does not scan documents for unknown reasons. This can usually be solved with a few simple steps.

The user launches the Toolbox program (a standard Canon application), presses the “Start” button, but after that the machine does not start scanning, but displays an error message from the system. Sometimes it helps to press the COPY / SCAN key on the printer itself and then select the “remote scanner” on the monitor. On Windows 10, disabling a specific service through the Task Manager (a service called WIA (Windows Image Acquisition)). But many will not like such solutions, since they make it very difficult to scan documents containing, for example, hundreds of pages.

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Today we are going to talk about how to troubleshoot the Canon i-SENSYS MF4410 MFP

Driver for Canon i-SENSYS MF4018

printerp 07/12/2016 Canon

By downloading files to your computer, you agree to the Canon license.

Size: 10 MB (x32) 11 MB (x64) Bit depth: 32/64

  • 32 bit: i-SENSYS MF4018-x32
  • 64 bit: i-SENSYS MF4018-x64

We recommend reading the article: “How to find out the bitness of the system in different versions of Windows”.

Canon MFP MF3228 does not scan Windows 10 x64

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Faced a problem when scanning to Canon MF3228 MFP on Windows 10 x64. does not scan!

The problem lies in the Toolbox utility of the Canon MFP MF3228. There are drivers, they work, but there is no utility. it does not see the scanner!

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At the same time, the printer prints normally on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

People are trying to apply some kind of overseas patches, try ToolBox from other models, other OS versions.

I didn’t bother too much, especially since the standard Windows 10 scanning utility is quite good.

We install drivers for our operating system and make a shortcut to the scanning utility.

In the shortcut we write wiaacmgr. launch the shortcut.

Perhaps you need to forcefully specify the scanner, where the Change button is.

If the scanning utility does not start, but instead there is a window with a computer and a scanner.

That is, there is a way out! Windows Image Download Service (WIA) needs to be terminated.

You can complete it from the Task Manager, or through a special script.

Once the WIA service has finished, the scanner scans without problems until the next reboot or shutdown of the computer. When again “the window with the computer freezes”, you need to terminate the WIA Service again.

Of course, the solution with the end of the service is a crutch, but it works and you can continue to use the old Canon MF3228.

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Problem when scanning to Canon MFP MF4410

Today the Canon MF4410 MFP is very popular in the offices of various organizations, as well as for home use. I also have experience with this device and overall I like it. The only drawback is some inconvenience when using the scanner. I will describe in more detail the problem that I encountered during the first scan, as well as its solution. Maybe someone will come in handy.

After connecting the Canon MF4410 MFP to the computer and installing the drivers, I made a photocopy and printed the document. There were no difficulties with this. Then I decided to try out the scanner function.

I scanned using the Canon MF Toolbox 4.9, which came with the device on disk. By the way, it is a very handy program. So, to start scanning, you need to press the “Start” button in the program window: But after I did this, the following error appeared on the screen: “Cannot scan because of the following”: After pressing the “OK” button, another error occurred : “MF Toolbox: An error occurred while transferring data. Check the status of the scanner and the cable connection ”: Then I double-checked: the USB cable was connected to the computer and the MFP was also turned on. So what’s the problem?

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And now I give instructions on how to scan correctly on the Canon MF4410 MFP.

Before starting scanning, press the COPY / SCAN button on the MFP itself: After that, the display will show the text:

If something else is displayed. just press the same button again.

By pressing the button (arrow down), select the item Remote Scanner on the display. then press the OK button.

Now on the computer in the MF Toolbox program, you can click the “Start” button and the scan will begin!

Perhaps someone will not like this, but you will have to start the scan mode with a button on the MFP every time you are about to scan something. The machine only remembers the selected scan type for 5 minutes. Then it will automatically return to print or copier mode.

Connecting to WIA Canon MF3200 Series is established. the scanner does not work on Windows 8, 10

After I installed Windows 8 on my work computer, my Canon MF3228 MFP took on a life of its own. How to beat this. I don’t know.

Such a window can hang for hours after trying to scan something. Neither turning on / off the scanner, nor turning on / off the computer help. the next time you start the scanning program, the same “eternal” window freezes again.

If you have time. you can spit on everything and return to the task in a few days. then it turns out that everything is already working, it is scanning. But there are not always a few days left. How to deal with this problem, tell the knowledgeable?

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P.S. Windows 8.1 64-bit system, MFP drivers are installed (although they also had to tinker with at one time).

The problem is solved, for which I am very grateful to Makar, who unsubscribed in the comments to this post.

Solution to the problem: when the scanning program is running, find in the list of processes the one that contains “WIA” in its name, I have it “Service Host: Image Download Service (WIA)”, and remove it. My system is Windows 10, 64 bit.

Everything is as simple as that. Thank you very much again for your help and participation.!

Why does not it work?

Why won’t the Canon MF4410 scan paper? This is not due to the device itself, but to the software installed on the computer. Faced with this rebellion of MFPs are mainly users who use the printer in conjunction with Windows 10. On older systems, everything works fine. It’s all because of the standard Microsoft utility designed just for scanning. Here are just Canon, i-SENSYS MF4410 including, use their software. Toolbox. As is usually the case with applications that perform the same function, the Toolbox and the Scan Utility conflict, causing the printer to become inoperable.

How to fix?

Everything is solved, as a rule, by simply disabling an unnecessary utility.

  • Open the Control Panel (“Options” in Win 10).
  • We find the item “Programs and Features”, then “Enabling or disabling Windows components”.
  • We reach the column “Faxes and Scanning” and uncheck this item.
  • Restart your computer.

These steps usually solve the problem with the i-SENSYS MF4410 and other Canon printers (MFPs) that use Toolbox. And also the Vuescan program helps, which will check how the scanner works and suggest its own solutions.