Windows 10 How To Install An HP Printer

We print on any old printer (for example, Canon Laser Shot LBP 1120) from a 64-bit Windows operating system via VirtualBox with 32-bit Windows installed in it: a new way

Hello friends! I will talk about one of the many existing ways to make the old Canon Laser Shot LBP 1120 printer print from any 64-bit Windows operating system, although there is no official driver for working on 64-bit Windows systems.

To be precise, my method is quite versatile and allows you to start printing on any old printer (not only Canon LBP 1120), not supported by new Windows operating systems.

As usual, “conspiracy theory” rules. Driver development is the responsibility of the manufacturer, as it is necessary to know how the printer works. The main problem with using older printers is that manufacturers, according to the Internet community, stop developing drivers for older printers to support newer Windows operating systems, especially 64-bit ones, to increase sales of new printers. For many older printers that have proven themselves to be reliable and economical devices for home use, manufacturers have developed drivers only for 32-bit versions of Windows. If the manufacturer does NOT consider it necessary to develop a driver for his device, this is the manufacturer’s policy, we will NOT be able to influence this. Therefore, we spin around as a snake and find an alternative.

For example, there are several options for starting a printer for which there are no drivers for modern Windows systems:

Those who still use 64-bit Windows 7 (Ultimate, Professional and Enterprise) and the processor supports hardware virtualization. install XP Mode, install the driver for Windows XP in it and print using XP Mode, which can allow you to use an old printer for a long time.

Others make a print server on a separate compatible computer, based on a Raspberry Pi or other SIMilar device and print over a local network.

The third method for those who use only one computer and if they need to print to a printer supported by new Windows operating systems, for example from 64-bit Windows, install VirtualBox (a free virtual machine from Oracle), install a 32-bit version of Windows in it. for example, Windows XP as not very resource-demanding, they put a set of drivers and programs, a few settings and everything is ready, you can print.

Virtualbox Oracle 6.0.10, VirtualBox Extension Pack and VBoxGuestAdditions_6.0.10.Iso, for installation on Host Windows.

HP LaserJet 4100 Series PS Printer Driver (HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PostScript (64-bit)) / 83436, for installation on Host Windows.

Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3 distribution

GPL Ghostscript Windows 32 PostScript printer emulator, for installation on a Windows XP guest.

Redmon. Redirection Port Monitor, for installation on a Windows XP guest

Everything worked, the printer prints, but one drawback was discovered: when printing files in PDF format, it takes a very long time to prepare a file for printing, one page filled with high-resolution drawings is converted into a file for printing about 100 MB in size, which takes a long time, about 10 minutes. A clear flaw. Tired of waiting for the print to finish. It was this flaw that made me look for another way to print to the Canon Laser Shot LBP-1120 printer from 64-bit Windows 10.

I present a method devoid of the above disadvantage.

The method described below belongs to the third type (according to my classification), but a different set of software is used. As already mentioned. “To be precise, my method is quite versatile and allows you to start printing on any old printer (not only Canon LBP 1120), not supported by new Windows operating systems.” This versatility comes from the use of PDFCreator! Any files are printed as quickly as possible, without delay. Thanks to the creators of this great free program!

A brief overview of our actions to achieve the result: Install the driver for the Canon Laser Shot LBP-1120 printer on the Windows XP guest, Install the PDFCreator program on the Windows XP guest in server mode with an additional 64-bit driver, as a result, a PDFCreator virtual printer is created, PDFCreator is configured. make it available on the network, Install this printer on the host machine as a network printer. Everything is ready, you can print!

For ease of understanding, I will give a block diagram of both methods of the third type (according to my classification), you can immediately and clearly see the advantage of my method in the minimum set of software used and the speed of printing “heavy” files.

Well-known way

The method described in this article

So, let’s start installing and configuring.

Install PDFCreator in server mode. We believe that you already have the VirtualBox Oracle 6.0.10 virtual machine, VirtualBox Extension Pack and VBoxGuestAdditions_6.0.10.Iso installed, Windows XP is installed (I named it.PRINT), the driver for the Canon Laser Shot LBP printer is installed- 1120, a network is configured between the virtual machine and the host. I recommend installing an Intel PRO / 1000 MT Desktop Adapter network card for a gigabit network between the Windows XP guest and the host on a virtual machine.

Download the installation file PDFCreator version 1.5.1 PDFCreator-1_5_1_setup.Exe, this is the oldest version I found with Windosw XP support and a ready-made EXE file: https://sourceforge.Net/projects/pdfcreator/files/PDFCreator/PDFCreator%201.5.1 /

We install it on a guest Windows XP, run the installation file, select “Expert settings”:

Select the installation language:

We accept the terms of the agreement:

We choose “server installation”:

Install an additional driver for 64-bit systems:

Select the folder for installation:

We must select the “custom installation”, otherwise the Tool bars that we do not need will be additionally installed, we refuse all additional components, select the desired language:

We customize the “Additional tasks” for ourselves:

We uncheck the boxes so as not to install the antivirus (something this version 1.5.1 glitched with the Russian language only in this window, it installed version 1.5.0, everything was excellent there):

Press the “Install” button:

To continue with the configuration, let’s create a batch file, I named it print_cleaning.Bat with four lines of text:

Rem deleting print files from directory

2 Nul RD / S / Q “C: Print_tmp”

This batch file will be needed to delete temporary files created during printing, which we will put in the c: Print_tmp folder on the guest Windows XP. The logic of the work is as follows: when printing, PDFCreator generates a PDF file, prints it on the printer, at the end of printing, it launches the print_cleaning.Bat file, which clears the C: Print_tmp folder.

Place the print_cleaning.Bat file in the folder:

C: Program FilesPDFCreatorScriptsRunProgramAfterSaving

Let’s proceed to setting up the PDFCreator program:

Going step by step, we DO NOT change anything here:

The next item is unchanged:

Item unchanged:

And here they will make changes, select the necessary “checkmarks” and select the previously created folder for saving:

The next important point: open the “Action after saving” tab, select the available print_cleaning.Bat script from the drop-down list (we previously placed it in this folder C: Program FilesPDFCreatorScriptsRunProgramAfterSaving), mark the necessary checkboxes:

The next important point: select the Installed printer for printing, put a checkmark and select the desired menu items:

This completes the PDFCreator setup.

We make the PDFCreator printer available on the network and the default printer in the Windows XP guest:

We reboot the computers, for greater fidelity, we check the visibility of the network printer from the host computer, Install the 64-bit driver on the PDFCreator network printer, if Windows XP is not visible on the network, a possible option is “Windows 10 when trying to open a computer with Windows OS on the network XP will most likely give the error “Windows cannot be accessed, with error code 0x80070035”. In this case, both machines ping each other without problems. Windows XP runs on the SMBv1 protocol, which is disabled by default in Windows 10 for security reasons. The client part of SMBv1 can be enabled in Windows 10 by typing in the search menu Start “Control Panel”, then Programs. In the “Programs and Features” section, select Turn Windows features on or off. In the tree that opens, select “Support for SMB 1.0 / CIFS File Sharing “, hereinafter” SMB 1.0 / CIFS Client “”:

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If everything went well, the system is ready to print:

Well, as the “icing on the cake” Using the VBoxHeadlessTray program, for installation on a host Windows machine.

It will allow you to hide the running virtual machine in one icon on the “Taskbar”, and upon reboot, the current setting will be saved. We don’t have to worry about the virtual machine the next time we turn on the computer, it will always be on and instantly send your jobs to print. During installation, you must specify which virtual machine you want to work with:

And as a result it will look like this:

That’s all, only one drawback I got out and I can’t solve it. this is the appearance of a window when the computer boots up with the message:

It is clear that VBoxHeadlessTray cannot find the Log file for some reason, but after closing this window everything continues to work well.

Canon Laser Shot LBP1120 driver

Canon Advanced Printing Technology driver for Canon Laser Shot LBP1120. Select the file for your operating system. The driver is not installed from the installer, but manually. This means that you need to tell the system where the driver files are located. Below you can see detailed instructions for installing this driver on computers running Windows Vista / 7. Also, screenshots of windows at all stages of installation will help you figure it out.

Procedure for connecting the printer and installing the driver:

Turn off your computer and printer. 2. Connect the B-type (square) USB connector on the USB cable to the USB connector on the printer. 3. Connect the other end of the cable (flat end) to the USB port on your computer. 4. To turn on the printer, turn the power switch to the “I” position. 5. Turn on your computer. 6. The Found New Hardware Dialog Box will appear (see screenshots below). 7. Click Find and Install Driver. 8. If you are prompted to search the Internet for the driver, Click “Don’t search the Internet.” 9. Next, you need to select “There is such a disk, show other possibilities.” 10. Select the option “Search for drivers on this computer (advanced users).” 11. Now you need to select the folder with the driver, which we received after unpacking the downloaded archive. You need to select the WinVista folder and click Next. 12. If the Windows Security dialog box appears during installation, select Install this driver software anyway. 13. The driver is installed, click the “Close” button.

Windows 10 How To Install An HP Printer

Note: If you want to use a computer on which the printer driver was installed as a print server, configure Windows Firewall to unblock communication with client computers. For more information on this issue you can find in the file “note_ex.Pdf” in the archive.

For Windows XP, follow SIMilar steps. The archive also does not contain an automatic installer, so you will need to specify the path to the driver files so that the system can install them.

Canon lbp 1120 printing setup under Windows 10 x64

Attention. The instruction is suitable for LBP-810 Win7x64 bundle, as well as for network installation.

For a network installation, you need to download only two archives: redmon (item 3) and Ghostscript (item 2). In this case, you can start reading from page six with the third paragraph “Next, you need to unpack Redire.”.

On IE and Opera, the instruction may not be displayed and work correctly. Therefore, as an option, you can save the file as a compressed web page in the google dox menu.

Download driver Canon LBP 1120 x32 (х64)

There are no official drivers, but there are a couple of ways to outwit the Windows x64 system.

Method one: Canon Laser Shot LBP1120 under windows 7, 64 bit.

Lbp1120_winxp.Zip. 859 kB

  • Downloading the driver from the official website.
  • Go to Start. Devices and printers. Installing the printer. Add a local printer. Choose a port (usually USB). “Install from disk”. “Overview”. Specify the path to the downloaded file (cab3setk.Dll). Reboot.
  • Go to Start. Control Panel. System. Device Manager. Choose a printer (it is indicated by a question mark). Update driver. Update via internet.

Method two:

  • Download microsoft virtual PC from here
  • Reading the instructions, download everything and in order Install.
  • After installing and updating the software, go to Start. Control Panel. Programs and Features. Windows Virtual PC, windows XP mode and Install.
  • After installation, enter Windows XP Mode and Install the driver on the printer.
  • In Mode at the top of the screen, select the USB port, press compatibility, press YES.

On this topic

How to install canon lbp 1120 printer on windows 10 x64


For some guidelines, you can use the HP Universal PostScript Printer Driver to print to the LBP-1120. On. So to speak.

If you have already experimented, then you can remove unnecessary drivers and driver packages in Win7x64.

  • First as a device from Control Panel Hardware and Sound Devices and Printers
  • Next. Using the commands: printmanagement.Mscprintui / s / t2
  • From the services, two HP services with commands (I manually stopped them additionally so that they could be deleted immediately): sc delete “Net Driver HPZ12” sc delete “Pml Driver HPZ12”
  • Port “HP Universal Print Monitor”. one or two entries in the registry branch HKLMSYSTEMCURRENTCONTROLSETCONTROLPr intMONITORS every fireman checked HLKMSYSTEMCONTROLSET001CONTROLPrintM ONITORSHLKMSYSTEMCONTROLSLET002.

If everything is done, then it will come first. (Ugh, well, associations arise after all the experiments carried out). Preparatory work is over.

We pass to aq. Following procedures

First you need to install VirtualBox and Extension Pack

Then WinXP in VirtualBox.

If it is not clear what and how you can read oszone or google for help.

In the settings of the VBox machine, I set the delight of the printer port (I think that other modifications of the 1120 were unlikely to be):

As a result, on the host system, I got

Plus I set up the network for myself. I have a router for accessing and not. Other options either didn’t work for me, or I didn’t really need # 128578;

In VBox devices, you need to install Guest Additions into the installed XP. so that later on there normally copy files and use the shared clipboard. After installing the add-ons, you need to install the bi-directional clipboard and drag-n-drop in the same VBox devices. If necessary, during these manipulations you will need to reboot the guest system.

Then the printer driver for XP, Ghostscript and RedMon is copied into the virtual machine (points 1, 3, 4 in “Necessary files”)

Printer installation is standard. You can check the printing. the printer must be sure to print from the guest system. If it doesn’t print, something was done wrong and all subsequent manipulations are basically useless. I earned it the first time without dancing with a tambourine.

Next, you need to unpack the Redirection Port Monitor into

And it will run setup.Exe from there to install the Redirect Port.

Next, install Ghostscript to the directory. With Instal, you can SIMply remove “Program Files”

The next step is to create a mswinpr.Rsp file in the C: GS directory with the text:

I renamed the printer to make it shorter. Therefore, check the name of the printer in the properties of the LBP-1120 printer and enter it after% printer%.

If the first line of the path is different, Ghostscript will correct it too. By the way, I have no fonts. But the printer works.

Well, the finish line. install the local printer, remove the checkbox from automatic detection. The next is “Create a new port”. Redirect Port. A window will appear with the name of the port: “RPT1:” Nothing needs to be changed. During experimentation, there may be “RPTn:” where n is an integer. Printer selection. HP LaserJet 4100 Series PS. It is built into WinXP, and it is then downloaded to the host machine under Win7x64 from the Internet. Printer and Share Name Do not change, do NOT fill description, test page is useless to print yet.

After creating this virtual printer. the final touch on the guest system. editing its properties in the ports tab:

Port settings (paths will be corrected if necessary):

The minus in the argument string must be

The printer is shared, the drivers are installed, the port is configured. You can try to print a test page on a virtual printer. in theory, redmon should redirect the test page to a real 1120 printer. By the way, you need to check Canon. so that it is not offline in the guest system.

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If the page is printed, it remains to install the HP LaserJet 4100 Series PS network printer in the host system on the HPLaserJ network printer, which is previously shared on the virtual system.

Drivers Downloaded from Microsoft Update Center. The printer started working right away.

Note. At work I used the network LBP-810. For some reason, the updated drivers from the center were downloaded only the second time. I think this is not a problem of the 810th.

Additionally, I installed VBoxHeadlessTray (you can read it on oszone), since I don’t need permanent printing.

Inokentiy87junior Member Answers: 1 / 1From: UkraineInfo Reply1 years ago / 01 August 2018 11:27 Mikhail Michailoff On Windows 10, for some reason, the drivers are not installed, writes that there are no drivers. I had to install as local on the LPT port and then change the port to network.

Please describe how you change the port to the network one. Thanks in advance!

Adding from 08/01/2018 13:40:

I did everything as Michail Michailoff wrote but stalled at the last step with installing drivers on the host system on the HP LaserJet 4100 Series PS

I solved the issue with windows 10 x64 in myself in this way:.installed on a virtual machine with windows 7 x64 the HP LaserJet 4100 Series PS printer-copied the drivers to the printer from the folder “c: WindowsSystem32DriverStoreFileRep ository” (to find the necessary drivers from all, sorted them by date).placed drivers on a PC with windows 10 and when installing a printer, when prompted to select a driver on a PC, I chose a folder with drivers with windows 7 Michael MichailoffMember Answers: 4/25 Location: Russia, SterlitamakInfo Reply 1 years ago / 05 August 2018 09:14 Inokentiy87: Please describe how You are changing the port to network. Thanks in advance! Wow, so much wisdom, you know a lot about perversions

There is a HP LJ 4100 PS driver in Windows 10, but for some reason it is not installed when I try to connect to a network printer. We put it as a local port on the LPT port and then: Printer properties. Ports. Add port. Local port. New port- \ computer name printer name

The driver for 64-bit is from HP LJ 4100 PS, but I made the name of the printer Canon, so it’s more familiar.

I noticed one feature of Windows 10 LTSB. I don’t know if it is on the usual top ten, since I DO NOT use it. After some updated system, the drivers for the Epson Perfection 3490 Photo scanner disappear and when the drivers for usb are running in Virtualbox Windows XP, the drivers for the device related to Virtualbox disappear. Accordingly, the printer and scanner do not work. In the device manager we update the drivers and point to the directories for Virtualbox “Program Files”, for the scanner “Program Files (x86)” and the drivers are restored. Why they are lost and how to change it I haven’t found it yet. Maybe someone knows how to solve this?

Driver for Canon LBP 1120 (Windows 7 x64)

Canon LBP 1120 (Click to enlarge)

By downloading, you agree to the Canon license.

Canon has NOT developed a Laser Shot LBP 1120 printer driver for Windows 7 x64 (as well as Windows 10 x64). There is software for older OS versions.

To print from 64-bit systems, you can use virtual machines:

Follow the link above to see how to install the system on these virtual machines.

Then you need to download the driver for the Canon Laser Shot LBP 1120 printer for Windows 7 or XP (x32) and launch it for unpacking (a folder with the same name will be created).

Connect the printer to the computer and turn it on, if not defined in the virtual machine. Connect this USB device. (It might show up as unknown.

Most likely the new device will ask for a driver. Point to the unzipped folder and Laser Shot LBP 1120 should be installed. Trying to print.

If you succeed, please unsubscribe in the comments. thanks.

Enjoy printing.

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press CtrlEnter.

Thank you for reading the material to the end. Rate it please

It works, thanks, but you still need to install programs in the XP emulator. For example, I set office 2003 in order to print from there, although I work with documents in 2010 at seven.

Read here how to make to print directly from a 64-bit system:

I did everything, as shown in win7 32, both flash drives and 1120 are easily picked up, in win7 64 neither one nor the other. What’s the matter is not clear?

Hello Andrey For x64, it seems to me, only through virtual machines.

I installed the driver on WinXP 32 virtual, it works, thanks.


Hello Alex. Of course, a printer driver is needed. However, this is a very old model and the manufacturer has NOT released drivers for it for your OS version. Windows 7 only supports 32-bit. As a way out, you can use one of the virtual machines. Actions Should be, for example, the following: 1. Install the virtual machine 2. Install Windows 7 x32 on it 3. Install the driver for Windows 7 x32 And then you can print.

I want to warn you about a potential problem. Everything worked fine for me, but I changed the motherboard with the processor at home: I replaced the three-core AMD Athlon II X3 460 with an 8-core 16-thread Intel E5 2650 V2 and noticed that this was not the case with the virtual machine. It can be seen even by eye that virtual machines slow down. In a printer like 512 kilobytes of memory and under Athlon in the virtual machine, there was enough speed so that data could be fed into this memory without breaking into this memory, and under Intel if I print a graphic file of this speed, it looks like Not enough and an error occurs and not the entire sheet is printed. If you put a 32-bit system on Intel without a virtual machine (tried Windows 7 and Windows 10 LTSB), then everything prints fine, there is enough speed. And I noticed that the same problem exists on the new Intellevo 2-core 4-thread Pentium g4560 processor. On it, too, the virtual machine shamelessly slows down and the same errors when printing graphic files. If you print SIMple files, then everything is printed normally. But it is worth, for example, to scan a spread of a magazine in a resolution of 300 dpi and send it to print, then a NOT completely printed letter comes out and an error: “The transfer of data to the printer was delayed or a transmission error occurred.” over, the gap occurs in a different place. Now only a small part of the sheet will be printed, then half, then more. I already installed different versions of Virtualbox. And VMvare tried different things. And I changed the host system. Tried 64 bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 LTSB and LTSC. And gave virtual Windows XP two processor cores. So far, I cannot solve the problem and to print such files at home I have to reboot into 32-bit Windows. If you can’t solve the problem, then it looks like you will have to put an ancient computer with Athlon XP lying now in the closet as a print server at work.


What is a driver for and what is its role? Using a specific device as an example, we will consider the possibilities that this software gives us:

  • Thanks to the presence of the driver, we can set our printer as the default device.
  • In some cases, the amount of paint remaining starts to display, which is very important.
  • The included diagnostic utility allows you to check and promptly clean the printhead. Naturally, if it is an inkjet printer.
  • Latest driver delivers maximum print speed and efficiency.

Consider another very important point, namely, the positive and negative aspects of installing drivers.

How to install the HP laserjet m1132 all-in-one printer printer on windows 10. How to install

Now let’s move on to the most important thing. Let’s take a look at how to free download and install driver for HP LaserJet M1132 (MFP) on Windows 10:

  • A little below there is a button by which we can download the software we need. It comes in a password-protected archive. In order to unpack it, use the code “1234”.
  • When the file is received, launch it by double-clicking on the object. The installation process will begin, the completion of which will need to wait.
  • We reboot our computer and check the operability of the driver.
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In some cases, it is not necessary to restart the PC. This is most likely a precaution, but in general you can go straight to using the printing device.

Also with the content of the training on the topic.

Download and activation

Since the driver is free software, no additional action is required to activate it.

Windows 10 support information from printer manufacturers

Below I have collected information about what popular manufacturers of printers and MFPs write in the operation of their devices in Windows 10.

  • HP (Hewlett-Packard). The company promises that most of its printers will work. The one that worked in Windows 7 and 8.1 will NOT require a driver update. In case of problems, you can download the driver for Windows 10 from the official website. Additionally, the HP website has instructions for solving problems with printers from this manufacturer in new operating systems: http: //
  • Epson. promise support for printers and MFPs in Windows The necessary drivers for the new system can be downloaded from a special page
  • Canon. according to the manufacturer, most printers will support the new OS. Drivers can be downloaded from the official website by selecting the required printer model.
  • Panasonic. promises to release drivers for Windows 10 in the near future.
  • Xerox. write about the absence of problems with the operation of their printing devices in the new OS.

To eradicate all problems that interfere with normal printing in your Windows 10, run Print-Spooler-Repair-Tool as administrator and press the “Repair” button, you will receive the result, in a minute, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the printer starts working like new.

In addition, I also advise you to clear your spooler, with this script, so that the specified.

If none of the above helped, I recommend using Google search (and I recommend this search for this purpose) for a query consisting of the brand and model of your printer and “Windows 10”. It is very likely that your problem has already been discussed in some forums and a solution has been found. Do not be afraid to look at English-language sites: they come across the solution more often, and even automatic translation in the browser allows you to understand what is at stake.

Printer does not work on windows 10 we solve in a minute

Printer does not work on windows 10-01

Hello everyone today, let’s talk about a situation when a printer does not work on windows 10. After upgrading to Windows 10, many users have encountered problems with their printers and MFPs, which either the system does not see, or they are not detected as a printer, or SIMply do not print as it was in the previous version of the OS, the funny thing is that with each new update, the number of old devices that this operating system supports is decreasing, so DO NOT be surprised if at some point your old device does not start.

If your printer does not work properly in Windows 10, this manual contains one official and several additional methods that can help fix the problem. I will also provide additional information regarding support for printers of popular brands in Windows 10 (at the end of the article).

Driver Installation in Windows 10

If after purchase a new HP printer does not work, then, obviously, its initial setup in the system has NOT been performed. It may sound complicated, but in fact, any user can handle it. You will need to install the driver software.

First, follow the links at the beginning of the article to download drivers for the HP LaserJet Pro M1132 printer. After the download is complete, the distribution can be found in the download manager of your Internet browser. Extract the archive and there will be an exe file in the folder. launch it with a mouse click.

In the menu that opens, select the link “Install from USB” to continue.

To continue and start copying driver components, click on the link “Start installation”.

We read the rules for installing printers from HP and click on the red triangle to get acquainted with the training.

On the printer, the moving parts can be fixed with adhesive tape. we remove it in the places that are shown in.

Following the instructions on the screen, we start installing the software by clicking on the red triangle.

To start copying new files to your PC hard drive, click on the link “Printer software installation”.

In the list of proposed options, mark the option “Easy installation” and go to “Next”.

We select from the list the series of our device. in our example it is “HP LaserJet Pro M1130 MFP Series”.

Connect the device with the cable from the kit as shown in the picture and wait for the program to automatically complete the configuration and installation.

After that it is recommended to print a test page.

Using specialized utilities

In Windows 10, the printer may NOT work for a number of reasons, another method to fix the situation is to use proprietary utilities from manufacturers, I will give an example from HP. It has the HP Print and Scan Doctor utility. You can download HP Print and Scan Doctor from the link below:

Run the HP Print and Scan Doctor. The aLGorithm is very SIMple in it. In the first step, it looks for installed printers, and in the second, it fixes the reason why it does not work in your Windows 10.

This is how the process of scanning the operating system for the presence of printers in it looks like.

This is how it is easy to configure a windows 10 network printer and when windows 10 does not see the HP printer. I have an HP LaserJet 400 in my system, I choose it.

After searching for problems, you are given a solution to your problem, why the printer does not work in windows 10. Next, we do what the HP Print and Scan Doctor diagnostic wizard says.

At OKI, the utility is called brmainte and can be downloaded from the link:

From Epson, EPSON Status Monitor Diagnostic Utilities

How to install a driver in Windows 10

Multifunctional device HP LaserJet Pro M1132 from a well-known American manufacturer is well suited Not only for office space, but also for home use. After purchasing the equipment, first of all, you will need to completely configure it in the operating system, which can be done using a special software utility. You can download and install the driver for this model using the links located above.

After opening the newly downloaded file, the main window of the installation utility will appear in front of you, in which you need to select the USB installation method, as well as determine the device used. In our case, you should click on “HP LaserJet Pro M1130 Series”.

Then click “Start Installation” and proceed to the next step.

Welcome to the Animation Guide, which will accompany the entire installation process. In this window, you can get acquainted with the basic recommendations for installing equipment in a ventilated area.

Here you will need to remove the orange tape from the printer and remove the plastic insulation.

We open the toner slot, in which we also remove the protective pad, cartridge and shipping belts. Following the further guide and moving on.

Remove the next orange tape on one of the edges of the new cartridge. Gently wiggle the toner for smoother distribution of inner powder.

We install the toner in the required slot and lock the cover.

We install a special paper container in the same way as shown on the slide.

Connect the printer using the supplied power cable. We proceed to the direct installation of the software, following the additional recommendations on the display. In order to continue, click “Installing software.”

Here you need to decide on the method of the installation process. We recommend choosing “Easy Installation”, which will allow you to configure the equipment as quickly and safely as possible. Click “Next”.

In the new window, select the same item as shown in the screenshot below and click on the “Next” button.

We reconnect the device to the computer with a special USB-type cable. We are waiting for the definition of the device.

Congratulations! You did an excellent job of installing and configuring the hardware. You can safely use the printer.