Windows 10 printer is disabled how to enable

Why the problem arises

Before proceeding with the “treatment”, one should find out the cause of the “illness”. Let’s consider the most common:

  • The printer is not connected to the PC with a cable or the cable is faulty.
  • Offline operation enabled by mistake.
  • Ink cartridge problems. relevant for inkjet devices.
  • Errors in the Windows Print Server.
  • “Glitches” of the software (drivers) of the device.


In some cases, problems can also be caused by the software for the operation of the printer, or, in a simple way, by the driver. They can simply be damaged by viruses or by the user’s negligence. Often after updates to the operating system or the drivers themselves from unreliable sources. In such cases, reinstall the software. It is recommended to download from the official website of the manufacturer of your printing device.

An excellent option would be to have the original disc from the box.

When downloading software, you should take some time to choose the right package so as not to make mistakes. The model name must match completely. Windows version and bitness may well be automatically determined by the manufacturer’s website, but we recommend that you double-check.

All that is needed for this is to go to the properties of the PC. Right-click and select “properties” from the menu.

If the “firewood” is downloaded, then you can safely proceed to the step of installing them. To do this, find your printer in Device Manager. Go to properties by right-clicking and select update drivers. Next, select the search item on the computer and specify the path to the files that you downloaded or to the disk, if you still have it after purchasing the printer.

After the update. it is advisable to restart the computer.

Troubleshooting Utilities

In the case when following the instructions from the section about the print service or reinstalling drivers cause certain difficulties, then you should use special utilities to fix problems with the operation of devices.

These freeware programs include a utility from Microsoft. Fix It Center. We strongly recommend downloading it from the official website. Working with it is quite simple and logical. Even an inexperienced user should not have additional questions and problems. In addition, you can use utilities developed by the printer manufacturers. For example, for HP devices it is HP Print and Scan Doctor, and for Canon. Canon My Printer.

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Print Service

If it was not possible to change the status of the printer using the above methods, then you need to resort to more complex options for fixing the problem.

On Windows systems, all print jobs and their executions, as well as print devices, are monitored and managed by the Print Manager service. In English terminology, it is referred to as Spooler. The essence of this method is to restart this service. To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps.

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Driver problem

If you tried to turn on the printer, but your PC confidently insists that the printer is turned off, then a possible source of the problem is a “failure” in the operation of the device. To make sure that the driver is not the reason the printer is not visible to the computer, open the Devices and Printers menu through the “Start” menu. In the list that opens, try to find your printer or mfp. If it is not there or you notice an exclamation mark next to the driver indicating an error in the operation of the software, then it is better to reinstall the drivers. To do this, remove the “broken” driver by clicking the appropriate button in “Devices and Printers”. Then insert the software CD that came with your device into the drive and install the driver. If there is no CD, then find suitable drivers on our website, or on the official website of the manufacturer of your printing device.

It should be added that quite often the drivers intended for old printers for Windows are presented not in the form of a convenient and simple installation file, but in the form of an archive. If you unpack it, you will get a folder with many incomprehensible files. To install them, you need to go to the “Devices and Printers” menu, which can be accessed through “Start” and click on “Install” / “Add local”. Then follow the instructions and specify the folder on the disk where you unpacked the previously downloaded drivers. Restart both the computer and the printer, and then check the status of the latter. If after turning on the system will still write that the printer is not connected, then check out other possible causes of such a problem.

Checking the settings

The second way to solve the problem with the disconnected printer is to check and, if necessary, change the settings of the machine. Further steps are relevant for Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Go to the control panel and find the “Hardware and Sound” section. In the section itself there is a subsection “Devices and Printers”. We go there and see all connected printers.

We find the device we need, double-click it to enter its properties. And then we open the print queue. Alternatively, select the “View queue” item in the context menu.

In the menu that opens, there should be no check marks. If there is, then shoot everything, and at the same time you can clear the entire print queue. This applies to the items “Pause printing” (stops printing) and “Work offline” (switches to offline mode). We recommend that you check the “Use as default” box so that you do not select a printer each time you print in the future.

Checking Printer Status

After reinstalling the drivers, the question may arise as to why the printer is not visible? It would seem that reinstalling the special software should have helped to start the device into normal operation and correct its status displayed on the PC monitor. But not everything is so simple!

So, if your printer has a serious problem in the form of the fact that the computer displays it in a disconnected state, then check its status in the devices. To do this, through the “Start” and “Control Panel” go to “Devices and Printers” and pay attention to the state of your device. If you notice that your printer has a status labeled “Offline”, then right-click on its icon and select “Use Printer Online”, which implies using the printer online. these steps are relevant for Windows XP and Vista For Windows 7 and higher, after right-clicking on the printer icon, you need to select “View the print queue”, then in “Printer” uncheck the “Use printer offline”.

In addition, when checking the status of a device, its status can be displayed as paused, i.e. “Paused”. To resume printing, you need to select the appropriate item after right-clicking on the printer icon or remove the icon from “Pause Printing” for Windows 7 and higher operating systems.

Turn on Windows 10 Defender using Local Group Policy Editor

This way to enable Windows Defender is only suitable for owners of Windows 10 Professional and higher, since only they have the Local Group Policy Editor (if you have Home or Single Language, go to the next method).

  • Start Local Group Policy Editor. To do this, press the WinR keys on the keyboard (Win is the key with the OS logo) and enter gpedit.msc and then press Enter.
  • In the Local Group Policy Editor, navigate to (left folders) Computer Configuration. Administrative Templates. Windows Components. Windows Defender Antivirus (in versions of Windows 10 prior to 1703, this section was called Endpoint Protection).
  • Pay attention to the “Turn off Windows Defender Antivirus” option.
  • If it is set to “Enabled”, double-click on the parameter and set “Not configured” or “Disabled” and apply the settings.
  • Inside the Windows Defender Antivirus (Endpoint Protection) section, also look at the Real-time Protection subsection and, if the Disable Real-Time Protection option is enabled, set it to Disabled or Not Configured and apply the settings.
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After the specified procedures with the Local Group Policy Editor, launch Windows 10 Defender (the fastest way is through the search in the taskbar).

You will see that it is not running, but the error “This application is disabled by Group Policy” should no longer appear. Just click the “Run” button. Immediately after launch, you may also be prompted to enable the SmartScreen filter (if it was disabled by a third-party program along with Windows Defender).

How to enable Windows 10 Defender in Registry Editor

The same steps can be done in the Windows 10 registry editor (in fact, the local group policy editor changes just the values ​​in the registry).

The steps to enable Windows Defender in this way will look like this:

  • Press the WinR keys on your keyboard, type regedit and press Enter to launch Registry Editor.
  • In Registry Editor, navigate to (left folders) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows Defender and see if there is a DisableAntiSpyware option on the right. If so, double-click on it and assign the value 0 (zero).
  • In the Windows Defender section there is also a subsection “Real-Time Protection”, look into it and, if there is a DisableRealtimeMonitoring parameter, then also set the value to 0 for it.
  • Close Registry Editor.

After that, type in the Windows search in the taskbar “Windows Defender”, open it and click the “Run” button to launch the built-in antivirus.

How to enable Windows 10 Defender

The question of how to enable Windows 10 Defender is probably asked more often than the question of disabling it. As a rule, the situation looks like this: when you try to start Windows Defender, you see a message stating that this application is disabled by group policy, in turn, using Windows 10 settings to enable it also does not help. in the settings window, the switches are inactive and the explanation: “Some settings managed by your organization “.

This guide contains ways to enable Windows 10 Defender again using Local Group Policy Editor or Registry Editor, as well as additional information that may be useful.

The reason for the popularity of the question is usually that the user did not turn off the defender himself (see How to disable Windows 10 Defender), but used, for example, some program to disable “surveillance” in the OS, which, incidentally, also disabled the built-in Windows Defender antivirus For example, this is what the Destroy Windows 10 Spying program does by default.

Additional Information

If the above does not help, or if there are some additional errors when turning on Windows 10 Defender, try the following things.

  • Check in services (WinR. services.msc) if Windows Defender Antivirus, Windows Defender Service or Windows Defender Security Center Service and Security Center are enabled in the latest versions of Windows 10.
  • Try using the action in the System Tools section. “Repair Windows Defender” in FixWin 10.
  • Check the integrity of Windows 10 system files.
  • See if you have Windows 10 restore points, use them if you have.

Well, if these options do not work, write comments, we will try to figure it out.

How to enable the default printer

Sometimes it happens that a computer is connected several printing devices
. But if you use one of them most often, then constantly choosing it from the list is very inconvenient. The problem is solved in a rather simple way: you need to add the desired inkjet (laser) to the default devices:

  • open the control panel:
  • open the “Printers and Faxes” section;
  • make a double click on the desired equipment and put a check mark next to the line “Use by default”.

For convenience, make a shortcut to the “Printers and Faxes” folder and place it on the desktop or pin to the Start screen in Windows 10.

Print queue management allows the user to control all documents in its list
. Thanks to this service, you can re-select and send a document for printing at any time. You can also put it in “Favorites” so that next time you do not send it to print.

  • general. all PC users can perform any tasks;
  • direct. you can print a document from the designated equipment;
  • secure. printing of the document will be impossible without authorization.

In the event of a failure, the inkjet (laser) may refuse to print documents from the queue, or it will print the same document without going to the next one. In this case the queue can be cleared
, by double-clicking the desired machine icon in the control panel. Next, click on the “Printer” menu and select the line “Clear print queue”.


The connected printer works under certain conditions. Firstly, it must be connected to the mains, secondly, it must be connected to the computer, and thirdly, the power button on the printer body must be in the On state. These conditions apply to the physical connection. To turn off the printer, unplug the printer, unplug it from the computer, or turn the button on the chassis to Off.
If you want a properly installed printer to be physically connected without printing documents, configure the appropriate settings. The printer menu provides several commands with which you can control the printing of documents. You can set the necessary parameters in the “Printers and Faxes” folder window.
To open the Printers and Faxes folder, click the Start button in the lower-left corner of your screen, or press the Windows key (with a flag) on ​​your keyboard. In the menu that opens, select the “Printers and Faxes” item by clicking on it with the left mouse button. If the desired item is not in the menu, select “Control Panel”. In the Printers and Other Hardware category, click the Printers and Faxes icon. If the panel has a classic look, select this icon immediately.
In the window that opens, you will see the icon for your printer. In the status of a correctly installed and configured printer, the inscription “Ready” is displayed. Move the cursor over the printer icon and right-click. In the drop-down menu, select the third line “Pause” and click on it with the left mouse button to temporarily stop printing documents. In the equipment readiness status, the caption will change to “Suspended”. The “Resume Printing” command selected in the drop-down menu will return your printer to a working state.
To use the settings to change the status of the printer from the working state to “Not connected”, select the fifth item “Delayed Print” in the drop-down menu by clicking on it with the left mouse button. To make the printer work again in the future, use the command “use printer online”.

The printer is an indispensable assistant in the office or at home, especially if you are a student. Even schoolchildren successfully print a large number of abstracts and reports on it. But, having purchased this device, many users are faced with the problem of interaction between a computer and a printing device. In this article, we will look at possible ways to connect and configure a printer for printing, as well as the problems that arise with this.

The last notes

  • Version 1cv8c.exe has stopped communicating with Windows
  • How to change the name of a Windows 10 computer in a minute
  • Connection was denied, user account has no rights
  • Windows Identity Foundation error 0x80096002
  • Duplicate key was found when installing ManageEngine ServiceDesk 10508

Other possible solutions to the problem

If the device connected to the PC appears on the computer as turned off, then try checking it on other computers. In addition, to answer the question “the printer is turned off how to turn it on” you need to turn off the power of the device and remove all cartridges from it. After a short period of time, put the consumables back in place and, after disconnecting the USB cable, turn on the machine. As a result of such an action, the office equipment must perform self-diagnostics and switch to standby mode.

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In doing so, pay attention to the indicator, which should be on constantly. If you try to connect to a PC, but notice that the indicator is blinking and not on, then this indicates the following: one of the sensors of the machine reports that there is a readiness to print error

In this case, you will have to contact the service center. If you have a printer warranty, it means that its diagnostics and repairs should be done absolutely free of charge.

In general, take the above problem very seriously and pay special attention to it. Do not rely on it to disappear by itself in the near future.

Therefore, it is not worthwhile to postpone its solution even if you do not need to print anything in the near future, because there is no guarantee that the problem will be eliminated in a short time.

Install a different cartridge in the printer, and then a third of the same. Only the last two cartridges are stored in the printer’s memory, and inserting the old one after the other two will make the printer think of it as new. As practice shows, such operations are suitable for almost any model of printers, since they are all arranged in a similar way.

Reinstall the printer driver after changing the USB port of the device. This procedure will update the printer’s memory and the function will work again. However, do not repeat such actions too often, as you can harm the device, and later the printer will not work quite correctly.

Download from the Internet and install on the hard drive a third-party printer memory reset utility for your model. Thus, the activation of the ink level control function occurs programmatically. Do not forget that with many printers, a disc is provided with a purchase, which contains special software for checking ink. An experienced user does not need to tinker with this function: the ink level is a virtual indicator, since there is no sensor inside the cartridge. It is much more convenient to keep track of the number of printouts yourself and refill the cartridge from time to time.

You purchased your printer
. But where to start getting to know the long-awaited technique? Understanding how a device works is not always easy. Sometimes problems arise even in the matter of turning on a new printer. Use simple tips, you will surely succeed!

Take the instructions that came with your device. Typically, these manuals explain the procedure clearly and clearly. Sometimes there may even be detailed pictures or photographs. Read the instructions and find the appropriate button. If for some reason it is missing or written in an unfamiliar language, then try to find the power button yourself. It is usually located on the front of the case and has a distinctive, distinctive externally badge or name “Power”. Sometimes it has the form of a classic switch lever and is located on the side or back of the body.

If you are sure that is correct, but the printer is still. then double-check if the device is connected to the network. Trace the wire from the electrical outlet to the device, check all cable connections. Make sure that

Good day! Surely many organizations use a centralized print server. and this is correct, since everything is convenient for management from one place, and if any problems arise, they are also localized. Today I was approached by representatives of technical support, with such a question. They have in one of the branches printing stopped
and in the control console, the printer status was “Offline
“. There are many jobs in the print queue. There were about half of such printers on the server. Let me show you how I got out of this situation without restarting the print server.

Setting up color printing

Adjusting the color profile is a very important step for accurate color reproduction when printing. You could see, for example, in the settings of the device for printing, the choice of either glossy paper or matte. Each type of photo paper has its own color profile in the form of a special file containing specific commands for the inkjet.

Color profiles for the ink or paper used can be downloaded from the Internet and installed on your computer.

You can also customize color printing manually
, trial and error, creating your profile for the highest quality color reproduction. To do this, use the inkjet driver. For example, the setting for the Canon inkjet driver will look like this.

Now the prints will be carried out taking into account the color balance adjustments, and the images will look better and more realistic. The printer driver Windows from different manufacturers may differ in the set of commands and the location of the buttons. But in general, the aLGorithm for adjusting the color balance is similar, and its implementation will not cause any particular difficulties.

Good day! Surely many organizations use a centralized print server. and this is correct, since everything is convenient for management from one place, and if any problems arise, they are also localized. Today I was approached by representatives of technical support, with such a question. They have in one of the branches printing stopped
and in the control console, the printer status was “Offline
“. There are many jobs in the print queue. There were about half of such printers on the server. Let me show you how I got out of this situation without restarting the print server.

Windows 10 Support Developer Best Practices.

For example, HP claims that most of their devices shouldn’t be a problem. For devices that were working properly prior to the Windows 10 update, drivers do not need to be updated. In it you can also find information on how to troubleshoot problems when the computer does not find the printer.

Printer manufacturer Epson also supports users. The company’s website contains all the necessary drivers and you can download them at any time.

Canon’s printer makers, like HP, say most printers will run on the new operating system without issue. Drivers can also be downloaded from their official resource.

After installing the drivers, there should be no problems. But if none of the above helped you, you can look for a solution to the problem for a specific device model. Maybe someone had similar problems and shared their solution on the forums. There are also English-language sites, but this requires knowledge of English.

Spoolsv.exe crashes

When you open the printer properties window, you receive the following error message: Insufficient resources.
When you try to print a document, an “Access Violation” error message appears (Dr. Watson). In the log of the Dr. Watson is present
error entry in Spoolsv.exe with error code C0000005.
The following error message appears and the print spooler stops: The instruction at ‘address’ accessed memory at ‘address’. Memory cannot be “read”.
The same message appears when you try to restart the Print Spooler service and when you open the Printers folder.

The problem might be because the default local port monitor
replaced by a third-party program. To fix the error, you need to make changes
to the system registry. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open Registry Editor.
  • Find the Local Port parameter in the next registry key. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Print \ Monitors \ Local Port
  • Double-click the Driver parameter and change its value. Enter the string value Localspl.dll and click OK.
  • Check if third-party monitors are present in the following registry key.
    Remove all monitors except the default ones.
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Print \ Monitors
    The following monitors are used by default.
    AppleTalk Printing Devices (present if Macintosh services are installed)
    BJ Language Monitor
    Local Port
    PJL Language Monitor
    Standard TCP / IP Port
    USB Monitor
    Windows NT Fax Monitor
    LPR Port
    Note. Removal of the LPR Port monitor should only be done on the recommendation of a specialist.
    Microsoft technical support.
  • Check if third party print services are present in the following registry key.
    Remove all print services except the default ones.
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Print \ Providers
    The following print services are used by default:
    Internet Print Provider
    LanMan Print Services
  • Check if third-party print handlers are present in the following registry key.
    Remove all print handlers except the default ones.
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Print \ Environments \ Windows NT x86 \ Print Processors
    The default is the following print handler
    To determine the print engine used by the printer using the tool
    MPS_REPORTS (Microsoft Product Support Reporting Tool) open the MachineName_PRINTDRIVERS.TXT file
    and find the third-party print engine you want to use and the queues that use it.
  • Replace the third-party print engine with the WinPrint engine:
  • Click the Start button and select Control Panel from the Settings menu.
  • Double-click the Printers icon, right-click the desired printer and select Properties.
  • Click the Advanced tab and click the Print Processor button.
  • In the Print Handler list, select WinPrint.
  • Click OK twice.
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  • Close Registry Editor.
  • After making changes to the registry, restart the print spooler.
    To do this, start the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and add the Computer Management snap-ins or
    “Services”. Right click on the Print Spooler service and select Start.

    Original article:

    Possible reasons

    Everything here is quite commonplace. Most often, the printer goes offline due to problems with the power supply, or the connection to the PC. In the second case, your USB cable, or legacy LTP cable, is simply not connected. The solution here is simple, and we will break it down below.

    Sometimes the printer enters this state after printing problems. This may be caused by a paper jam in the tray, an incorrect size of the document sent to print, etc.

    The rest of the reasons are completely harmless. the printer is turned on for a long time and is not used. And after a certain period of time, it goes into a state of autonomous operation. Such situations do not even need to be disassembled separately. to fix it, you just need to send the document to print, or in other words, start using the device.

    If you are using a network printer, problems may be caused by a communication failure.

    So, let’s try to disassemble the typical solution methods.

    A printer is a type of office equipment designed for printing (transferring to paper) electronic documents. When the printer is properly installed and turned on, a light on the cabinet illuminates to indicate that it is ready for use. For some reason, the user may need to turn off the printer or prohibit the output of documents for printing. There are several ways to turn off the printer.

    Solution of the error with the text “Printer is disabled

    Before reading the following instructions, make sure the printer hardware is on and the power indicator is on. This is due to the fact that further actions are to solve software problems, not hardware ones. If the equipment does not turn on at all, check the power cord and outlet.

    Checking device status

    Let’s take a look at the main reason why the error with the text “Printer is disabled” appears most often. Occasionally, system or hardware failures occur, causing the device to shut down or shut down for a second. The user can also recreate such a situation if the printer is cut off urgently or the apartment is disconnected from the power supply. As a result, the next time the printer is started, it will go offline and print will pause. You should check and correct this situation yourself.

      Through the same “Settings” application, open the “Devices” menu.

    In the list of device types, find “Printer & Scanners”.

    Click on the line with a printer that is not working now.

    Action buttons will appear where click “Open Queue”.

    In the new window, expand the drop-down menu “Printer”.

    Make sure there are no checkmarks next to Pause Printing and Work Offline. If they are installed, click on these items to remove them.

    As soon as you put the printer into normal mode and start it up, the documents in the queue should go to print. If they are missing or not there, try to print any file again.

    Turn on sharing

    This recommendation is only suitable for those who have problems communicating with a network printer. Printing error can be caused by incorrectly configured sharing or lack of it. Owners of such equipment and users who print documents over a local network are advised to familiarize themselves with the special manuals on our website by clicking on the following links.

    Port check

    The method is relevant only for some models of printers that use special ports for two-way data exchange with a computer. The fact is that in the OS settings, the function necessary for the interaction of devices can be disabled if we are talking about such non-standard ports, which causes an error with the text “Printer is disabled”. To eliminate it, you only need to activate this very function.

      Navigate to the Control Panel application through the search tool in Start.

    Double click on the last item “Print Management”.

    A list of connected printers will immediately appear, among which find the one of interest, and then, in the same way, double-click on it to open a new “Properties” window.

    Each printer uses only one port, so find the one with a checkmark, select it with a single left-click and click “Configure Port”.

    Check the box “SNMP status enabled” and confirm the changes.

    Checking the Print Manager Service

    The tool just considered should independently check the “Print Manager” service, which is responsible for the operation of the printer in the OS. However, this does not always happen, as it may be due to user settings or system crashes. Then you will need to find out the status of the service yourself by following these steps:

      Open Start, search for the Services app and navigate to it.

    Select “Print Manager” from the list of names and double click on this service.

    In the properties window that appears, make sure that the startup type is set to “Automatic” and the current state is “Running”. If it is not, change the parameters, manually activate the service and save the changes.

    You do not need to carry out any more actions, try to start printing this time. If Print Manager is already active, use the following methods.

    Running the troubleshooter

    The easiest option, which requires little or no action from the user, is to run an automatic printer-related troubleshooter. This is a standard operating system tool that allows you to quickly check the main reasons why the device is recognized as turned off.

      From the start menu open the Settings app.

    Navigate through the panel on the left to Troubleshoot.

    There are several tools in the list that are responsible for diagnosing different devices and OS functions. You need to select “Printer”.

    After pressing, the search for possible problems immediately begins, which will take literally a few seconds.

    If the most common problems were not found, you will need to manually indicate the malfunctioning printer by looking for it in the list of installed hardware.

    The scan will continue, and at the end you will be notified if any problems were found and fixed.

    This tool often does not produce the desired results because it is not always able to diagnose printer health problems. However, it should still be launched in order to save your time. suddenly the problem lies on the surface.

    Scanning your computer for viruses

    It remains only to deal with the last reason that can cause printing problems. The error in question may occur if the computer has viruses of a certain category that interfere with USB devices. While this is extremely rare, you should scan Windows for malware, especially when none of the previous recommendations helped. For more information refer to separate material from our author.

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