Xerox B215 Printer Prints Start Page

Xerox B210

the brand

NOT detected on the network.

Apparently, the standard presettings were done by a very offended one. Put the checkboxes where they would have been, very Frostbite IT guy.
A call to technical support decided everything.

two-sided printing

Configurator letter printing that cannot be disabled, chip cartridge, which are either commercially available or very expensive. New cartridges run out quickly

Not happy with this printer model

all cables included and usb. Quick setup, for home the most it. Network automatic duplex printing


Compact, silent (does not print yet), without unnecessary wires (only 220) fits perfectly into the interior and home Wi-Fi network. Print files from any device on your home network.

The shortcomings attributed to this model are more reminiscent of the intrigues of negativity or outright unprofessionalism. The manufacturer methodically guides the user through all control branches. However, I hooked up to the laptop on a lanyard, connected it to my home Wi-Fi, we enter the web muzzle by IP, I have login: admin, password. The serial number of the device from the configuration page that the machine prints at startup. On the Properties / Services / Printing tab, I turn off printing of the Device Home Page and Cover Page. That’s all! No more flaws.

Trusted friend. Does not require special attention to itself and is always ready to help.

Relatively compact.
Started easily under Linux.
Ethernet and Wi-Fi.
Print quality.

plastic flimsy.
Tray sticking out of the back wall.

I bought it home, I’m very happy. I’m surprised that a tray with A4 paper sticks out from the back wall by 5 cm, even the paper is visible, a very strange decision. In general, for that kind of money. Just a bomb.
Printing of the initial and title pages can be easily disabled in the WEB interface (Properties-services-Printing in progress). The only difficulty. Had to google the default password (turned out to be the serial number from the start page).
It looks like Xerox is hinting that the printer is still office, and not for home users, accustomed to running a finger on the iPhone.

Until I figured out

Network connector does not work

Great printer, prints fast, good quality, Wi-Fi. Can be sent to print directly from a smartphone through a special application. I set it up in 15 minutes (it’s after the first time). Very compact

The angled power cord is missing in the kit: you cannot push it close to the wall, it rests against the bend of the cord. But if there is some free space on the back of the printer, then this is not a problem.

Do not forget to disable printing the first page (with the name of the user who sent the file to print) in the printer settings.

One of the most affordable network printers at the moment. Actually, that’s why they chose him. They took them to the organization. The print quality is excellent. Print speed is great. There is Wi-Fi. Compact.

A somewhat complex setup over the network, but you can figure it out.

Excellent productivity, fast printing speed.

Xerox B210 is ideal for office work, which is facilitated by the presence of a wi-fi module. One of the cheapest and highest quality all-in-one printer with duplex and wireless communication. There was no difficulty in setting up.

Print quality and speed. There are comments on them

Very messy wireless connection

I could not overcome it.
Every document printout after disconnection. Lottery. It connects to Wi-fi every other time, you have to endlessly try to connect it to the router via WPS.
The application for MAC OS is not installed, through Windows it was possible to log in via the wire, but refused to connect to wi-fi. Kept giving an error.
This is strange, because I used 3020 and managed to defeat him pretty quickly.
In general, I do not recommend it. Raw and glitchy crap.

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I liked the printer very much, I bought it for a student. It works quietly, there are extra lights, lights and displays. NOT heavy. Prints from all devices in the house (phone, tablet, laptop). For unpacking, settings I watched videos from the official channel on Youtube. Unpacking Setting
Everything is simple and clear.

not detected

Recommend for purchase

xerox, b215, printer, prints, start

Prints through the air from anything. Whether from a phone or a computer. Supports PS, PCL.
Quite compact.

not found

Happy as an elephant. The printer is definitely worth its money.
I put it in the closet and forgot. No wires, except for a 220V outlet. You remember about it only when you sent something to print))))

inexpensive, probably the cheapest with Wi-Fi, double-sided printing, and Internet “input”.
Understands mobile devices

I had to tinker to set up printing from a tablet

Small, reasonably nimble, duplex, wired and wireless network. great for home and as a personal in the office.
A good follow-up to the older Phaser 3260 printers.
Just in case, for especially “advanced” and “busy” people, a useful link is = ru. site manufacturer with documentation (in Russian), drivers, etc.

For two months of using at home and for six months in the office, I did not notice jambs behind the device (I do NOT use it as a printing press).

Start page and cover page are enabled by default. For home. not the most useful things. The first can and will come in handy as a check after turning on all printer systems. The title page is useful from the bourgeois point of view, having come up with this device. If the user does not need it, we read the instructions from the manufacturer’s website specified by me and turn it off. Delov for 10 minutes with a smoke break, if the installer is inexperienced, for experienced ones it may take a longer time. :))

The cheapest one with automatic two-sided printing and which were in stock on the site

1. Printing is just awful. The letters crumble, all the paint smears on the sheet of paper. I thought it would develop over time. Nothing like this. Quiet horror.
2. Disable automatic test page printing before use. Nowhere in the instructions is it written how to do this; there is also such a function in the printer settings. In total, it turned out to be done only after I wrote to the manufacturer’s website and he sent me step-by-step instructions. Gemmor creepy.

Chasing cheapness.

Quality printing
The coolest thing. Automatic two-sided printing and printing without USB connection

In general, this printer. Network device. Therefore, I had to spend several hours before realizing that in order to configure it, you need to go to the browser, enter the printer’s IP and configure the printer from the browser.
And you need to configure, otherwise:
will print a test page every time I turn it on, will print an email with my name on every print. And remote printing itself is impossible without additional settings.
I also recommend installing all 4 drivers from the disk (and not 3, as suggested by default).
If you figure it out, you can enjoy awesome quality from xerox.

Price, duplex, network, Wi-Fi

1. The usb cable in the kit turned out to be faulty (the driver was not installed with it, it was installed through another cable)
2. When the machine is turned on, a configuration report is issued, every time.
Those. Xerox considers it necessary to waste toner and paper you purchased in the trash!
Environmental pollution is evident!
3. When printing, a “Title” letter appears on the printer. ie. A garbage page with the name of the user who sent it to print and only after it the printed page!
4. The kit contains adequate instructions for starting and setting up the printer. there are several pieces of paper with pictures of how to insert a cartridge describing this action in a dozen languages.
5. The device does not connect to the network from the router. to connect, you need to hold the Wi-Fi button

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Hold the Wi-Fi button while connecting to the Internet, assign IP addresses, you will recognize it after turning on the printer again.
In the browser, enter the IP address of the printer, enter the name. admin and password. the serial number of the printer
Select Properties. Services. Printing
Start page. select disable. apply
Cover page. select off. apply
Xerox deliberately tunes technology to the environment. the printer wastes paper and toner on garbage. pages that will be thrown away immediately.
I, with 10 years of experience in setting up computers, connected and configured this printer for work on a network for 4 hours, turned off the printing of configuration sheets every time the printer was turned on, blank pages with a username in front of each sent document.
Probably, Xerox employs NOT programmers, but idiots:
– Why should a new printer print by default junk pages Status with computer username in front of user submitted text and printer configuration pages each time the printer is turned on

Common all-in-one printer problems

Attention: use the interactive price list to determine the cost of refueling your cartridge (printer)

The all-in-one printer is a convenient office device that combines the capabilities of a printer, scanner and fax. If you need to copy A4 documents, the all-in-one printer is the best choice, and they are much cheaper than large copiers (several times). At the same time, all-in-one printer took over not only the advantages, but also the disadvantages of their younger brothers. printers and scanners, from which they are designed. In particular, HP and Xerox all-in-one printers often have problems with the fuser unit. the fuser unit. The paper pick-up unit is also a very unreliable unit.

Separation Pad wear

The separation pad is in the paper tray. When the pick roller picks up the top sheet, the bottom sheets of paper in the stack are also pulled up by the pick up mechanism and get stuck there. The separation pad is rubber, it should have a rough surface and brakes the lower sheets when the upper one is picked up from the tray. When rubbing the rubber, the paper is picked up in several sheets. In this case, it is recommended to replace the entire brake pad, but you can simply replace the rubber with an existing one, the quality will depend on the braking characteristics of the rubber coating. Non-original cheap or old pads often have rubber with poor surface qualities.

Worn out rollers of feed (pickup, separation) of paper (pickup roler)

This is the most common malfunction in devices. This defect can be determined by two signs.

  • The machine tries to grab a letter from the tray, jams it, and then the machine gives a Tray 1 error.
  • With large print volumes, the roller stops picking up sheets or picks up every other time, not the first time.

In the first case, the roller may be incorrectly installed or damaged. In the second case, the rubber of the roller is rubbed or chalked off the coated paper. The problem of poor quality paper will have a very negative effect on the life of the rollers. The fact is that many manufacturers use low-quality gray raw materials for the production of paper, and in order for it to appear white, it is moistened in a chalk solution. After a while, the chalk begins to crumble, and when passing through the path of the printing device, this chalk remains on all rollers and in the developing unit. By this you not only wear out the rubber of the rollers, but also kill expensive copier and all-in-one printer units! If the rollers are coated with a white powder, then it is necessary to restore the rubber surface of the roller using a regenerating liquid. If the rubber is worn, then either the rubber of the roller or the roller is replaced entirely. It happens that the paper is Not thick enough or too smooth. in this case, you should try using another paper. with a density of at least 80 g / cm.April.

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Damage to the fuser film

The thermal film is located in the fuser unit and is a necessary component in the curing unit. The toner-coated paper passes between the thermal film and the rubber roller and allows the toner not to stick to the rollers, but to remain on the paper, baking into it at the high oven temperature. About 180 degrees. If the thermal film is torn or there are defects in the rubber rollers, the following defects will be visible on the paper:

  • Paper jams, usually in one corner.
  • When you exit the letter of the paper, a rustle is heard from the break of the thermal film.
  • The output image is blurry, with vertical stripes, spots. Toner smears when rubbed with a finger.
  • Letter of paper may jam in the fuser, the machine generates a fuser error with LED indicators or on the display with the message “Jam 2”.
  • The image is duplicated on the sheet.

Typically, thermal film tears when staples or other office supplies enter the printer with the paper. The rubber shaft in the stove rotates in bushings called rubber shaft bushing. They grind down quite often, which causes fluctuations.

Teflon roller defects (Upper Roller)

Large copiers and some all-in-one printers use Teflon rollers instead of a rubber shaft, they do not have thermal film. Teflon rollers wear out over time and create approximately the same effects as defects in torn thermofilm. We recommend in large copiers, especially Canon NP, to replace the entire developer unit, and not just the Teflon roller, as wear of the Teflon roller is often accompanied by other reasons, such as Wrinkling and contamination of the separation paws or their separation.

Scanner defects

The scanner unit adds its own problems to the all-in-one printer‘s common list of numerous defects. The most common contamination of scanning optics. When the all-in-one printer is enabled, it tests all of its nodes to be ready. In particular, the operability of the scanner unit is checked. For this, the lamp and the optics system are looking for a white one. By which the reflective and scanning ability to perceive reflected light is checked. If the optics are dirty, the reflected light will have insufficient brightness, as a result of which the white band will not be detected. At the same time, the scanner will NOT be ready, and will continue to search for some time. In this case, cleaning the scanner optics is required. There are also cases of defect in the mechanics of the scanner, they are more difficult to repair. At the same time, a characteristic grinding sound is heard, the scanning head cannot move normally. Self-repair of units is fraught with even greater malfunctions of the thin optics system, contact professional engineers !

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