Xerox workcentre 3025 how to get the cartridge

Refilling cartridges for Xerox printers do it yourself

The Xerox series of budget printing devices are especially relevant today. And it is not surprising, because the print quality of these devices is quite decent, and consumables for them are quite affordable. The only moment that complicates the operation of the units is their maintenance. In order for the printer to start up when the ink cartridge is finished, the user must either replace the cartridge or refill it. In this case, it will be necessary to replace the CHIP, which, being a kind of counter of the number of images, will block the device, limiting the activities of its working group.

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The problem of chipping can easily be dealt with in service centers, whose range of services includes replacing chips, selecting high-quality compatible toner and refilling a cartridge, as well as refurbishing and maintaining various models of office equipment, including devices from Xerox. By contacting such companies, the user can be sure of the work carried out at the highest level and, as a result, clear pictures, extended service life of the device and consumables. It is these factors that sometimes play a significant role when the printer stops working due to the end of ink (toner powder) and the user has to decide whether to start replacing / refilling the cartridge on his own or still entrust the job to professionals.

Since a series of some device models are widespread among the people and many users themselves tried to correct the situation and return the printer to work by refilling the cartridge and performing the CHIP replacement procedure, we will tell you by their example what manipulations must be performed in such cases. Instructions for refilling Xerox laser consumables (Xerox Phaser 3100MFP / 3140/3010/3020/3325/6000 / WC3210 / 3220/3250; WorkCentre 3045,7500,6015, etc.) are given below.

You will be able to pay 30-50% less for light, depending on what kind of electrical appliances you use.

How to refill monochrome laser cartridges?

  • One of the first was the Xerox Phaser 3010 printer, after which the Xerox Phaser 3020 printer appeared to be more advanced. The Phaser 3010 is compact and easy to use, it works compatible with the Xerox Phaser 3010 / WorkCentre 3045 (cartridge. 106r02181). Replacing and refilling the cartridge 106r02181 is quite simple. just open the front cover of the device by turning the consumable tube counterclockwise to get it out. A plastic container, which plays the role of a cartridge, black with a lid on which there is a CHIP. In order for the toner powder to be poured inside, you need to open the lid using the latches and, after cleaning the cartridge of toner residues, pour in fresh powder. After this manipulation, the container is closed, and the CHIP is replaced with a new (compatible) one or flashed. Users of this device will have the ability to flash a Xerox Phaser 3010, which uses the 106r02181 consumable, by contacting them to specialized centers or by downloading the original version of a compatible firmware with the device in use. Using this service, the 106r02181 cartridge will help to smoothly carry out the operation of the printer. 106r02181 has a resource of up to 1000 pages of printed text, which will allow you to really save.
  • Refilling Xerox cartridges (models Phaser 3100 MFP / S, Xerox 3100) that do not have a toner detection system is more problematic, like the Phaser 3020. First, by disassembling the cartridge structure, parts (imaging drum, primary charging roller, squeegee) are removed one by one and cleaned from toner residues. When the procedure is complete, the assembly is assembled, after which you can proceed to the second half of the Phaser 3100 MFP / 3100S, which contains the toner reservoir and other items that also require cleaning. After removing the gear blocking the path to the cover, you need to alternately remove the parts (screw, contact plate, magnetic roller, lock, metering blade), and then clean the hopper itself from powder residues. Then, in the reverse order, all the parts are installed, and fresh powder is poured into the hopper, after which the two parts are connected into the Phaser 3100 MFP / 3100S, 3100 housing and inserted into the printer, pre-flashed. This procedure requires special care, since in the Phaser 3100 MFP the microcircuit is in limited access and the work on its firmware is very painstaking, as evidenced by the corresponding instructions.
  • Replacing the Xerox Workcentre 3045 toner cartridge will also significantly reduce the cost of operating the device. over, its refueling is available to every user, who will select high-quality toner and chip, corresponding to the model of the unit. Then, after removing the Workcentre 3045 cartridge from the printer, you need to remove its cover and first replace the chip by disconnecting the old one and installing a new one in its place. The toner powder is then poured into the container, the lid is closed and the Workcentre 3045 cartridge is installed in the printer. After installing a new CHIP, the printer will not block and will continue to work with a refilled cartridge.
  • To work on the Xerox Phaser 3020 and Xerox WorkCentre 3025, a Xerox 106r02773 cartridge is required, which can be disassembled and refilled in the same way as the device of another manufacturer. Samsung MLT-D101S. The first time the user refills a Phaser 3020 / WorkCentre 3025 cartridge (106r02773), the user will have to cut the plastic rivets on the side covers with a knife. Later, when assembling the structure, bolts can be screwed in their place so that they hold the covers. Further, the structure 106r02773 (Xerox 3020/3025) is disassembled into two halves, each of which is gradually freed from components. The removed parts (fotoval, primary charge roller, squeegee) are cleaned of toner residues, and the fatoval is additionally wiped with isopropane alcohol. Then this half is assembled and the disassembly of the second part begins, in which the metering blade, the developing roller and the toner hopper are located. After cleaning it and wiping the rest of the elements, this part (Xerox 3020/3025) is collected and, finally, powder is poured into the corresponding hole. The next stage. the cartridge is assembled into a single system and the CHIP is replaced.
  • Practically the same manipulations should be applied to refill the cartridge of the same manufacturer, but of a different model. Xerox Phaser 3140. Having removed the cartridge from the device, it is worth removing the side covers from it and, dividing it into two halves, remove each of them and clean thoroughly. One of these parts from the Phaser 3140 will have a toner reservoir. It should be cleaned as thoroughly as possible from powder residues, then assemble the parts and only at the end add fresh toner. After confirming that toner is not spilling from the reservoir of the Phaser 3140 cartridge, reassemble and wipe down the housing and install the Phaser 3140 into the printer.
  • The cartridge 106R01411, 106R01412 for Xerox 3300MFP, which is a plastic container with a chip, is refilled using a slightly different technology due to a different configuration from previous models. First of all, in order to refill the Xerox 3300MFP cartridge, you will need high-quality compatible toner, a screwdriver and a funnel. After removing the cartridge from the Xerox 3300MFP printer, you need to unfold it towards you with the toner reservoir to unscrew the screws on the cover on the right side, and then turn over and remove the same one on the left side. Next, remove the top cover from the Xerox 3300MFP assembly, followed by the plastic tab on the side that holds the waste toner box. After removing this compartment, it should be cleaned of residues. After. the components are taken one by one, which, after cleaning, are installed in place. The second part of the Xerox 3300MFP assembly is also disassembled and cleaned. After filling the compartment with new toner, you need to close the compartment and, replacing the chip, install the consumable element in the printer.
  • The instruction for Xerox WC 3325/3315, in particular, how to refill the 106R02310 and 106R0231 cartridges, allows you to refill the consumable yourself and continue working on the printer. Disassembly of the body of the consumable for Xerox WC 3325/3315 begins by removing the side covers, which are held in place with screws. Next, gears and other components are removed alternately, which hold the drum. Then the cartridge is divided into 2 halves, both are disassembled into parts, which are cleaned of toner residues and installed in their places. After assembling the half with the powder reservoir, it is refilled. Then the CHIP is changed, which will allow full use of the refueled Xerox WC 3325/3315. If we talk about what to refill Xerox WC 3325/3315, then toner for Samsung consumables will be perfectly compatible for it.
  • As for the Xerox WC 3210/3220, Xerox Phaser 3250 models, the cartridges used to work with them (106R01485 / 106R01374. respectively) are interconnected. Each of them will require about 160 ml of toner before refilling, but different CHIPs to replace. First, consumables are removed from the Xerox WC 3210/3220, Phaser 3250 devices and disassembled. After that, the top cover is removed, thanks to it it will be possible to remove the top cover and divide the cartridge into 2 halves. Having disassembled the parts into parts and wiping each one, you need to assemble and close them, fixing the developer, pouring toner under it. Then connect the right side panels and the top cover is fixed. When assembling the cartridge WC 3210/3220, Xerox Phaser 3250, you should pay attention to the axis of the photo roll, which must enter the groove so that the consumable fits perfectly into the printer. After refueling the cartridges, you will need to change the CHIP, which will limit the work with the refilled consumable. Also, the printer will work with the old CHIP if it is flashed. But you can also flash the Xerox WC 3210/3220 or Phaser 3250 printer itself.
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Colored consumables

Among Xerox printing machines, the color devices Xerox 6000/6015 and Xerox Phaser 7500DN have become widespread. Having a different technology of operation and design, but the same refueling principle (when using cartridges of 4 colors). Refilling cartridges for Xerox 6000/6015 and Xerox Phaser 7500DN MFPs also involves replacing the chip, which is a rather painstaking and “dangerous” job, because disassembling the device and using refilled consumables, the user automatically loses the right to service under warranty. It is for this reason that many people prefer to use the services of professional refueling of Xerox 6000/6015 and Phaser 7500DN devices, which will not only extend the operating life of the printing units, but also allow full use of the MFP. These models are filled with toner, which was specially developed for these device models. Also works well with Xerox 6000/6015 and Phaser 7500DN toner for Xerox 6125.

CARTRIDGE CHARGING INSTRUCTIONS / CARTRIDGE CHARGING Xerox 106R02773 / Xerox Phaser 3020 / Xerox WorkCentre 3025NI / 3025BI

Samsung ML-1210/1710/2160 Xerox Phaser P8ex

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Currently, the following devices are released for this cartridge:
Xerox Phaser 3020
Xerox WorkCentre 3025NI
Xerox WorkCentre 3025BI

Necessary materials:
Vacuum cleaner for toner
crosshead screwdriver
Small flat screwdriver
Stationery knife (scalpel)
Required accessories:
Disposable cloth or cotton pads
Cotton buds
Isopropyl alcohol
Drum coating powder (dusting / talcum powder)
Conductive grease

Toner for use in Samsung ML-1210/1710/2160 series
Image Drum. Samsung ML-2160/2165/2167/2168 / SCX-3400/3405/3407 / SL-M2020 / 2070 / MLT-D101S / MLT-D111S Xerox Phaser 3020 / WorkCentre 3025 / SF760 / 761
Primary charge shaft. Samsung ML-2160/2165/2167/2168 / SCX-3400/3405/3407 / SL-M2020 / 2070 / MLT-D101S / MLT-D111S Xerox Phaser 3020 / WorkCentre 3025 / SF760 / 761
Cleaning Blade. Samsung ML-2160/2165/2167/2168 / SCX-3400/3405/3407 / SL-M2020 / 2070 / MLT-D101S / MLT-D111S Xerox Phaser 3020 / WorkCentre 3025 / SF760 / 761
Transfer roller. Samsung ML-2160/2165/2167/2168 / SCX-3400/3405/3407 / SL-M2020 / 2070 / MLT-D101S / MLT-D111S Xerox Phaser 3020 / WorkCentre 3025 / SF760 / 761
Dispensing blade. Samsung ML-2160/2165/2167/2168 / SCX-3400/3405/3407 / SL-M2020 / 2070 / MLT-D101S / MLT-D111S Xerox Phaser 3020 / WorkCentre 3025 / SF760 / 761

Turn the cartridge with the handle toward you. Using a utility knife or scalpel, cut 3 plastic rivets on the contact (with shavings) end cap.

Remove the cover carefully. The lid looks like it is in two parts, but it is not.
CAUTION Be careful not to break it when removing!

On the opposite side of the cartridge, cut four plastic rivets.

Slide the cover gently. This cover is actually in two parts.

Separate the cartridge into two halves. Take half of the waste bin cartridge.

Remove the drum axle from the hub side and remove the drum.

Remove the primary charge roller. Make sure the holders stay in place!

Unscrew the two screws and remove the cleaning blade.

Clean the waste box of toner residues. It is better to use a toner vacuum cleaner or compressor for this. Be careful not to get toner on the seals on the wiper blade.

Replace the cleaning blade and secure it with two screws.

Clean the primary charge roller and install it in the cartridge. Make sure the rails are in place and the shaft is properly seated in the holders.

Install the gearbox from the hub side first, thread the axle through the gear and the chuck wall.

Set aside the half of the cartridge with the waste hopper and take the half with the feed hopper.
Remove the three gears shown in the illustration and set aside.

Remove the development shaft cogwheel by pressing the tab on the shaft.

Unscrew the screw and remove the inner plate of the developing roller.

Remove the toner hopper plug.
CAUTION be very careful, the plugs are very fragile and break easily.

Unscrew the two screws on the metering blade and remove it. Clean the blade of toner residues.

Clean out toner residues from the hopper through the development roller hole / DB hole.

Clean the feed shaft and blade seals.

Fill the hopper with toner for use in the Phaser 3020 Cartridge.

Install the metering blade and fix it with two screws.

It is highly recommended that you clean the cleaning blade. Failure to do so will result in streaking. Soak a cotton ball in isopropyl alcohol and thoroughly clean the blade edge. Be careful not to press too hard on the blades, it may bend and will no longer be able to clean the toner properly.
Install the development roller.

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Install the inner plate and fix it with the screw.

Install the four gears in the order shown in the illustration. You may need to push down on the auger to get the gear set correctly.

Slide the two halves of the cartridge together. Make sure the two springs match their points.

Install the gear side end caps (two pieces). Install the top first.

Drill a hole in four rivets and tighten self-tapping screws or screws.

Replace the chip.
Install the replacement chip onto the contact plug by sliding it out from the inside of the plug. After making sure it is installed correctly.

Install the end cover, drill three holes and tighten the screws or screws.

Redistributing toner can help

When the indicator is blinking, you can temporarily extend the life of the cartridge and improve the print quality. This will require redistributing the toner. You can do it as follows:

  • open the printer cover;
  • carefully remove the cartridge;
  • shake it slowly 5-6 times to distribute the toner evenly inside;
  • put the cartridge back into the printer and close the printing device cover.

Is the toner level indicator off? This means that the cartridge will be able to work for some time without replacement.

IMPORTANT! If ink gets on your clothing while redistributing toner, wipe it with a dry cloth and then wash it in cold water. Washing in hot water will harm things even more: the paint will be absorbed deeper into the fabric.

Step-by-step instructions for replacing the cartridge

If the redistribution of toner does not help, and the orange indicator on the panel remains on, then only replacing the consumable can solve the problem. To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps.

  • Open the cover of the Herox Workcentre 3025.
  • Gently pull the drum cartridge out of the printing unit without touching the green underside of the consumable.
  • Prepare a new cartridge and remove the protective packaging.
  • Slowly shake the cartridge 5-6 times before installing it in the printer to distribute the toner more evenly.
  • Take the consumable by the handle and place it in the special grooves inside the printer, provided for precise installation of the accessories. Insert the cartridge slowly and until it clicks.
  • After installation is complete, you can close the printer cover and check the toner level indicator: it should go out.

IMPORTANT! When changing the cartridge, do not touch the protective covers and casings fixed with screws on the consumable. All elements inside must be preserved.

How to change the cartridge in the printer Herox Workcentre 3025

Does the cartridge print worse? Are there white streaks or toner loss? So it’s time to buy a new consumable. How to replace the cartridge correctly and not damage the printing device? We tell by the example of the laser printer Herox Workcentre 3025.

How to understand that you need a replacement

The need to replace the cartridge in the printer Herox Workcentre 3025 will be indicated by the orange light on the control panel.

  • If it starts blinking, it means that soon you will have to take care of buying a new cartridge, because the old toner is running out.
  • If the indicator is constantly lit orange, further printing is impossible: you need to change the consumable right now.

Change the original to a compatible cartridge

Replacing the cartridge for the Xerox Workcentre 3025 printer will take very little time. But the purchase of an original consumable will not be cheap at all. To save on components without losing print quality, we recommend replacing original consumables with compatible cartridges for the Xerox Workcentre 3025 printer. For example, cartridges from Target have many advantages:

  • print quality and resource do not differ from the original;
  • accessories are ideal for the printer model and are absolutely safe for it;
  • the manufacturer has all the necessary certificates confirming compliance with quality and environmental safety standards;
  • warranty for each cartridge. 12 months.

IMPORTANT! And the use of compatible components does not in any way affect the factory warranty provided by the manufacturers of printers and MFPs.

The very process of installing a compatible cartridge is no different from the original components. Therefore, you can safely use our instructions and install compatible cartridges in the Herox Workcentre 3025 printer. Try and compare how beneficial it is!